Former Hastings staff member details reasons to vote for Romney


Sunnyside Republican Club speaker Jon DeVaney tells members of the club that results of the 2012 presidential election will have a great impact on the nation's economy and voter turnout is of high importance.

The nation's economy is a huge issue for the 2012 general election, and that is one of the biggest reasons Sunnyside Republican Club guest speaker Jon DeVaney believes it's time for a real change.

This morning (Friday) he told members of the club the government's mismanagement of the country's money should be a factor when deciding who should be elected president.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is on the Republican ticket and DeVaney believes he is the better choice for getting the nation's economy back on track.

Government spending currently exceeds $1 trillion more than it did in 2007 on an annual basis, according to DeVaney.

He said, "That's a massive increase."

The annual deficit continues to grow, as well. Devaney said the deficit is projected to exceed $2 trillion this year alone.

"This affects the overall economy," he told the Republican Club members.

The U.S. has increased the deficit by 50 percent in just four years, during President Barack Obama's administration.

"That equates to $55,000 owed for every household," said DeVaney.

He believes the government's spending bill of $100 billion and tax increases of $300 billion will still not be enough to bring down the nation's 2013 projected $600 billion deficit.

"Spending in D.C. has an incredible effect on the nation," said DeVaney.

He believes the U.S. " approaching the same cliff Spain has already fallen off of."

Another issue that greatly impacts the economy is government regulation, according to DeVaney.

He said regulations on businesses have hurt the nation's economy because the regulations have greatly burdened businesses.

Health care, said DeVaney, is the biggest concern of business owners because they have yet to determine the actual costs associated with the Affordable Health Care Act.

Food safety regulations, too, have burdened the nation's food industry. DeVaney said new regulations were supposed to have been released last January, but the government has not yet done that. He believes the Obama administration is holding back and waiting until after the general election in November.

"That can't mean anything good," said DeVaney, stating not knowing the new regulations leave the food industry in a state of limbo.

"There is no certainty, which leads businesses to wait until they know how they will be impacted before making any decisions (that might grow the economy)," he said.

The nation's unemployment figures are also disheartening. "There are more people unemployed than the population of New York or Los Angeles," said DeVaney.

Unemployment figures released by the government aren't accurate, said DeVaney, and he believes the figure that is closer to the truth is 14.7 percent of the nation is currently seeking work.

"Why do I think it's President Obama's fault?"

DeVaney said the rhetoric of 2008 was that Obama was going to fix all the nation's problems.

Four years later, said DeVaney, there are no proposals for solutions, the president says the state of the economy is not his fault and the president tells the American people things would have been worse had he not done the things he has done.

"Health care reform was achieved because of partisan control in Congress," said DeVaney.

He said the legislation was pushed through on Obama's watch.

DeVaney, switching gears, spoke about Romney's background and how that background would benefit the country.

He said Romney's experience as a business man exhibits an ability to make hard decisions, cutting spending and a willingness to start from a fresh perspective.

As governor of Massachusetts, DeVaney said, Romney reduced a $3 billion budget deficit and turned it into a surplus.

He said said he believes Romney is capable of doing something similar with the federal budget.

"He knows how to keep fighting," said DeVaney.

He told the Republican Club members the national media has tried to tell the public that the presidential race is all but decided. He urged them to get other voters to cast their ballots for Romney.

"Turnout is highly important in this election...someone will make history," said DeVaney.

Because voter turnout is so important and the presidential race is so close, he also urged the members of the club to volunteer for the phone banks, calling voters and urging them to vote.


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