Prom fashion show this Saturday

Sunnyside High School senior Kenya Estrada has organized a prom fashion show for this coming Saturday at the SHS auditorium.

Students from SHS will be modeling prom fashions to be seen this coming prom season.

Estrada for her senior project wanted to give the community a sneak preview of what students will look like at this year's prom.

The event is free to attend and will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Because there are students who are unable to afford formal wear for this year's prom, Estrada said she will also be accepting dress donations from the public.

"There are students who want to attend prom, but they cannot afford formal wear," she said.

The donations can be permanent or donors can choose to have dresses returned to them following prom season.

"It's like a free rental," Estrada said.

She said the donors can also indicate if they want the gowns to become property of a program that keeps the dresses on hand for future proms.

"The person donating may want the recipient of the gown to keep it as a memento," said Estrada.


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