WSU names spring graduates

PULLMAN - Numerous students from the Lower Yakima Valley earned Washington State University undergraduate degrees during the spring 2013 semester. Honors earned by students are listed as follows: summa cum laude for a cumulative grade point average of 3.9 or better, magna cum laude for a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7 but less than 3.9 and cum laude for a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 but less than 3.7. Sunnyside students awarded WSU degrees include Sarah Kilian Bestebreur - Bachelor of Arts in education, Cum laude; Carrie Lorena Butler - Bachelor of Arts in education; Judith Paola Licona - Bachelor of Arts in human development; Kelsey Renee Rollinger - Bachelor of Arts in speech and hearing sciences, Cum laude; Gilberto Villalobos Jr. - Bachelor of Arts in humanities; and Elba Zavala - Bachelor of Science in nursing, Summa cum laude. The one graduate from Outlook is Connor Mayo Erickson - Bachelor of Arts in foreign languages and cultures, Cum laude. Grandview grads include Vanessa Alcaraz - Bachelor of Science in nursing, Magna Cum laude; Robert Eugene Cardenas - Bachelor of Arts in digital technology and culture; Marcus Franklin De Jong - Bachelor of Science in integrated plant sciences; Marissa Herrera - Bachelor of Arts in apparel, merchandising and textiles and Bachelor of Arts in business administration; Graciela Rodriguez - Bachelor of Science in psychology, Cum laude; Elizabeth Cortez Toro - Bachelor of Science in nursing; and Ruth Marie Watkins - Bachelor of Science in nursing. From Prosser the WSU graduates include Dustin James Crawford - Bachelor of Science in agricultural and food systems, Cum laude; Joseph Martin Petersen - Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering, Magna cum laude; Cristal Reyna - Bachelor of Science in microbiology; and Scott Fredrick Zediker - Bachelor of Science in integrated plant sciences.


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