We are our brothers' and sisters' keepers


Now that everyone knows more than one million unemployed people lost their Unemployment Assistance three days after Christmas, it’s time for Christian Republicans to step in. We ARE our brothers’ and sisters’ and friends’ keepers!

This is the time to show that Christian Republicans do care and are not just labeled as money-grubbers.

Each church should try to find out who are unemployed in their respective neighborhoods and then coordinate some assistance in the form of food and even cash donations. Sometimes we can find out when we see a car in the driveway that is not driven during work-hours.

Please realize that long-term unemployment happens because (a) there was a recession, (b) thousands of jobs were replaced by robots/computers, etc., especially in manufacturing jobs, (c) U.S. companies sourced out U.S. jobs overseas.

A few months ago Dateline followed a couple with two teenage boys who lived in a mansion worth $800,000 and had all of the “toys” millionaires own. As soon as the recession began the husband lost his business and the wife was only able to get a part-time job. They lost their mansion and had to live in a rented one-bedroom apartment. Then, horror of all horrors, they had to rely on food-stamps! Yes, there may be some people who commit food stamp fraud but these days the majority are people like you, who once had a good, steady job! Please remember this.

/s/ Betsy Tan, Sunnyside

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