Sunnyside swimmers drench Tarpons

TOPPENISH - The Sunnyside contingent of Katelyn Banks, Kalie Bestebreur, Summer Hazzard, Aidan Hudgens and Lindsay Schilperoort rang up a 65-0 scoring advantage in the girls 16&U division last night. The host Toppenish Tarpons were unable to recover, eventually falling to the visiting Sharks by a score of 474.5-328.5. Wednesday's swim meet closed out regular season play for the summer. The Sunnyside Rotary team, at 10-2, finished with the second best record - behind only the unbeaten Selah Dolphins. The Mid-Valley Summer Swim League championship meet, a three-day affair, gets underway this coming Friday in Selah. The Dolphins will be in search of their fourth consecutive championship meet crown. In besting the Tarpons last night, the Sharks took advantage of the chink in Toppenish's armor - namely, the girls 16&U division. Banks and Bestebreur rose to the forefront for Sunnyside. Banks emerged victorious in the 50-meter butterfly and 200-meter individual medley. Bestebreur won the 50-meter breaststroke and backstroke sprints. The other first-place finish at girls 16&U was claimed by Hudgens in the 50-freestyle. Sunnyside also received a big boost from its boys 10&U swimmers. With Myles Newhouse, Alex Alaniz, Logan Rodriguez and Austin Villanueva leading the way, the Sharks outscored Toppenish by a 62-13 margin in that age grouping. The Sharks were nearly as dominant in the girls 8&U age bracket. Behind the outstanding efforts of Chamelle Abringe, Tayler Bonzi and Alondra Trujillo, Sunnyside claimed a 40-11 scoring advantage against the youngest of the Tarpons. In probably the most anticipated match-up of the night - Sunnyside's Brittany Broersma going up against Toppenish's Alexis Medelez in the girls 18&U age division - it was the Tarpon who surfaced with the better results this time around. The two competitors are the league's premier swimmers for their age bracket. Broersma, besides helping Sunnyside's medley and freestyle relay squads chalk up wins last night, got the best of Medelez in the 50-meter breaststroke. She sprinted the length of the pool in 39.19 seconds, the clear winner over the runner-up Medelez by 2.34 seconds. Medelez, however, turned the tables on Broersma in the 50-meter butterfly, backstroke and freestyle races, relegating the Shark to second-place finishes. In the 'fly, Medelez clipped Broersma by exactly one second. Only six-hundreds of a second separated the two in the back. And in the free, it was Medelez winning by a margin of about a quarter of a second. GIRLS 8&U Sunnyside Chamelle Abringe - 1st-butterfly, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle Syrina Arevalo - 2nd-backstroke Avery Bonzi - 4th-butterfly Tayler Bonzi - 2nd-butterfly, 4th-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle Ashley Saucedo - 3rd-breaststroke Alondra Trujillo - 2nd-breaststroke, 3rd-freestyle Toppenish Lexi Dorr - 3rd-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 3rd-backstroke, 4th-freestyle BOYS 8&U Sunnyside Gage Newhouse - 3rd-butterfly Riley Pasicaran - 1st-butterfly, 3rd-breaststroke, 4th-backstroke Cody Smeenk - 2nd-butterfly, 2nd-breaststroke, 3rd-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle Toppenish Blake Bazaldua - 1st-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 4th-freestyle Nathan Gonzalez - 3rd-freestyle Kaden Ruggles - 4th-butterfly, 4th-breaststroke, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle GIRLS 10&U Sunnyside Abigail Albrecht - 4th-freestyle Aline Anderson - 3rd-breaststroke Sydney Banks - 4th-backstroke Ryen Bonzi - 2nd-butterfly, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 2nd-individual medley Daniella Duran - 4th-individual medley Amerie Stroh - 3rd-backstroke Toppenish Vanessa Chavez - 1st-medley relay, 4th-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 1st-freestyle relay McKayla Goudy - 1st-medley relay, 3rd-butterfly, 2nd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 3rd-individual medley Diana Lopez - 1st-freestyle relay Baylee Manjarrez - 1st-medley relay, 4th-breaststroke Emmalee Nishi - 1st-medley relay, 1st-butterfly, 2nd-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 3rd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley BOYS 10&U Sunnyside Alex Alaniz - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 3rd-individual medley Myles Newhouse - 1st-medley relay, 1st-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 3rd-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley Logan Rodriguez - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-butterfly, 4th-backstroke, 3rd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay Austin Villanueva - 1st-medley relay, 3rd-breaststroke, 4th-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay Chase Yanez - 4th-butterfly, 4th-individual medley Toppenish Samuel Olsen - 3rd-butterfly, 4th-breaststroke, 1st-backstroke, 2nd-individual medley GIRLS 12&U Sunnyside Kylah Bunch - 1st-medley relay, 4th-butterfly, 2nd-backstroke Janessa Frank - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-butterfly, 2nd-breaststroke, 4th-freestyle, 3rd-individual medley Chloe Messmore - 4th-breaststroke Brielle Newhouse - 1st-medley relay, 1st-breaststroke, 4th-backstroke, 3rd-freestyle, 2nd-individual medley Jessica Scheenstra - 1st-medley relay, 3rd-butterfly, 2nd-freestyle Toppenish Siu-Nutt Brown - 1st-backstroke Crystal Chavez - 1st-freestyle relay Nicole Gonzalez - 3rd-breaststroke Makayla Koerner - 3rd-backstroke, 1st-freestyle relay, 4th-individual medley Lily Stewart - 1st-freestyle relay Janealle Sutterlict - 1st-butterfly, 1st-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley BOYS 12&U Sunnyside Izaiah Gonzalez - 1st-medley relay, 4th-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay Johnny Heffron - 1st-medley relay, 4th-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 3rd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 2nd-individual medley Clayton Robert-Hill - 4th-breaststroke, 4th-individual medley Clay Schilperoort - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-backstroke, 1st-freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley Parker Van de Graaf - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-butterfly, 2nd-breaststroke, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay Juan Zuniga - 4th-backstroke Toppenish Kobe Nishi - 1st-butterfly, 3rd-breaststroke, 2nd-freestyle, 3rd-individual medley Alexei Rubio - 3rd-butterfly, 3rd-backstroke GIRLS 14&U Sunnyside Emily Banks - 1st-medley relay, 1st-breaststroke, 3rd-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 2nd-individual medley Madison Bowen - 1st-medley relay, 1st-freestyle relay Aydan Harrington - 1st-medley relay, 1st-butterfly, 3rd-breaststroke, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley Jolissa Mendoza - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-butterfly, 4th-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 3rd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay Toppenish Mildred Lopez - 4th-butterfly, 4th-individual medley Sahara Maltos - 2nd-breaststroke, 3rd-individual medley Sara Van Corbach - 3rd-butterfly, , 4th-backstroke, 4th-freestyle BOYS 14&U Sunnyside Robert Berger - 4th-freestyle Adrian Heffron - 3rd-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 2nd-individual medley Jace Ziegler - 3rd-breaststroke Toppenish Dylan Allen - 1st-medley relay Sam Clark - 2nd-breaststroke, 4th-backstroke, 3rd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 3rd-individual medley Michael Cozzens - 1st-medley relay, 3rd-backstroke Rhyan Gonzales - 2nd-butterfly, 1st-freestyle relay, 4th-individual medley Nate Koerner - 1st-butterfly, 1st-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley Cade Stewart - 1st-medley relay Jake Stewart - 4th-breaststroke, 1st-freestyle relay Sean Ward - 1st-medley relay, 4th-butterfly GIRLS 16&U Sunnyside Katelyn Banks - 1st-medley relay, 1st-butterfly, 2nd-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley Kalie Bestebreur - 1st-medley relay, 1st-breaststroke, 1st-backstroke, 4th-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 3rd-individual medley Summer Hazzard - 1st-medley relay, 4th-butterfly, 4th-breaststroke, 3rd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay, 4th-individual medley Aidan Hudgens - 2nd-butterfly, 4th-backstroke, 1st-freestyle Lindsay Schilperoort - 3rd-butterfly, 3rd-breaststroke, 3rd-backstroke, 2nd-individual medley Toppenish (No medalists) BOYS 16&U Sunnyside Matthew Marquez - 4th-breaststroke Alex Perez - 1st-butterfly, 2nd-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle, 1st-individual medley, 1st-(tie)freestyle relay Nate Scheenstra - 4th-butterfly, 3rd-freestyle, 1st-(tie)freestyle relay Toppenish Joe Clark - 1st-medley relay, 3rd-butterfly, 3rd-breaststroke, 4th-backstroke, 4th-individual medley Jacob Cozzens - 1st-(tie)freestyle relay Alex Davalos - 1st-medley relay, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 1st-(tie)freestyle relay, 2nd-individual medley Jordan Supnet - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 3rd-backstroke, 4th-freestyle, 1st-(tie)freestyle relay, 3rd-individual medley GIRLS 18&U Sunnyside Brittany Broersma - 1st-medley relay, 2nd-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 2nd-backstroke, 2nd-freestyle, 1st-freestyle relay Alexandra Newhouse - 3rd-butterfly, 4th-breaststroke, 4th-backstroke, 4th-freestyle Toppenish Jacqueline Beyrouty - 3rd-backstroke, 3rd-freestyle, 2nd-individual medley Natalie Clark - 3rd-breaststroke, 3rd-individual medley Alexis Medelez - 1st-butterfly, 2nd-breaststroke, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 1st-individual medley Jessica Van Corbach - 4th-butterfly BOYS 18&U Sunnyside Caleb Albrecht - 2nd-freestyle, 1st-(tie)freestyle relay Eric Amaro - 3rd-freestyle Jared Churchhill - 1st-(tie)freestyle relay Toppenish Nicholas Huylar - 1st-medley relay, 1st-butterfly, 1st-breaststroke, 1st-backstroke, 1st-freestyle, 1st-(tie)freestyle relay, 1st-individual medley


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