Fourmidable...Dolphins garner another championship meet title

SELAH - Four and counting....that's how many Mid-Valley Summer Swim League championship meet titles the Selah Dolphins have claimed in the last four years. The 2013 championship may be the Dolphins' sweetest of the four consecutive titles, though, considering the Selah swimmers earned bragging rights in their home pool this past weekend. What may have made the Dolphins' fourth straight championship even more special is the margin of victory they enjoyed against the six other teams. Unlike its three previous first-place finishes at the 2010, '11 and '12 championship meets - when Selah edged the runner-up Sunnyside Sharks by slim margins of 48, 19 and 22 points, respectively - this year's title squad amassed a nearly unbelievable point total of 811.5. The Sharks, the bridesmaids again in second place, were 188 points back with a team score of 623.5. As deep of a roster the Dolphins have, made evident by the numerous times they qualified more than two, or even three or four swimmers for the finals in each event, Selah's drive to capturing top honors this past weekend was spearheaded by the trio of Isabella Vick, Trista Hull and Nolan Frampton. Each of the three secured high-point age division honors at last weekend's title meet. Vick piled up 36 team points for the Dolphins in the girls 8&U group, 16 more than the runner-up in that age division...Sunnyside's Chamelle Abringe. Vick was victorious in all four of the events that were staged for the youngest of the competitors. Hull, a girls 10&U swimmer, not only notched wins in all five of the individual events in her age bracket and swam on the winning 160-yard medley relay squad, set two pool records in the process. The first new mark at girls 10&U Hull set came in the 160-yard individual medley. She eclipsed the old record of 2:24.28, which she established earlier this season, by clocking a time of 2:19.62. The second pool record the 9-year-old Dolphin established this past weekend came in the 40-yard backstroke. She clocked a time of 28.43 seconds, 87 one-hundred's of a second quicker than the old mark of 29.30, which had stood since 1985 in the girls 10&U age division. Frampton, a boys 16&U swimmer, did his teammate Hull one better. Enroute to winning all five of the individual events in his age division, he set three pool records for his age bracket. The first came in the 160-yard IM, by finishing in 1:45.63. The former all-time best mark for that age grouping was 1:46.82, set in 1984. Frampton then bested Ryan Pittman's 40-yard backstroke record of 22.53 seconds, which had stood since 2007. Frampton sprinted the length of the pool with a clocking of 21.68. The 15-year-old Frampton set a third Selah pool record in the 40-yard freestyle. He raced to a time of 18 seconds flat, 19 one-hundred's of a second better than the old mark established in 1984. The Sunnyside Sharks, despite having to settle for runner-up honors for a fourth consecutive year, had plenty of highlights of their own this past weekend. One of those shining moments came in the girls 18&U, 160-yard medley relay. The foursome of Kalie Bestebreur, Katelyn Banks, Summer Hazzard (all just 15 years old) and 17-year-old Brittany Broersma notched a first-place finish with a clocking of 1:41.81. The quartet's time broke the former pool record of 1:42.08, which had been set by a girls 18&U squad from Toppenish in 1984. Sunnyside, too, received best of the best performances from Janessa Frank, Aydan Harrington and Parker Van de Graaf...each a high-point age division champion. Frank tallied 27 team points in the girls 12&U division, one more than Selah's Jesse Rees. Oddly, in what may be a first, Frank accomplished the high-point feat without winning a single individual event, although she was a member of the winning freestyle relay squad in her age bracket. Frank did, however, notch three runner-up finishes (40-yard 'fly, breast and free), place fifth in the finals of the 160-yard IM and finished seventh in the 40-back. Harrington, at girls 14&U, was clearly heads-and-shoulders above the competition. She emerged victorious in the 40-yard butterfly, backstroke and freestyle races, as well as in the 160-yard IM. The one race she didn't win, the 40-yard breaststroke, Harrington claimed runner-up honors behind Grandview's Kylie Colson, touching the wall one-tenth of a second behind the Neptune. Van de Graaf edged Grandview's Nathaniel Gutierrez for high-point honors at boys 12&U. The Shark tallied 34 team points, compared to the second-best 23 points Gutierrez gleaned for the Neptunes in that age bracket. In topping the boys 12&U field, Van de Graaf won the 40-yard 'fly and the 160-yard IM. The Sunnyside swimmer also swam on the winning medley relay squad in his age group. Sunnyside came away with victories in five other individual events, as well. Two of those wins were chalked up by girls 12&U competitor Brielle Newhouse. The third highest scorer in her age division this past weekend behind her teammate, Frank, and Selah's Rees, she laid claim to top honors in the 160-yard IM and the 40-yard breaststroke. The three other wins in the individual events the Sharks claimed came from Katelyn Banks in the girls 16&U, 40-yard backstroke, from Johnny Heffron in the boys 12&U, 40-yard breaststroke and from Brittany Broersma in the girls 18&U, 40-yard breast. Sunnyside, too, earned victories in the girls 14&U, 160-yard medley relay and in the girls 10&U, 160-yard freestyle relay. The medley relay squad members included Jolissa Mendoza, Harrington, Erin Stanton and Emily Banks. The freestyle squad was comprised of Arianna Sanchez, Daniella Duran, Abigail Albrecht and Ryen Bonzi. Grandview, sixth in the championship meet standings from the seven-team field with 136.5 points, nailed down its only two wins of the weekend in the breaststroke races. Colson won the girls 14&U race, and Neptune Tavian Valenzuela bested the boys 14&U field. Battling for third-place team honors at this year's championship meet were Prosser and Toppenish. In the end, thanks in large part to high-point age division champions Kaden Ruggles (boys 8&U), Katrina Johnson (girls 16&U) and Alexis Medelez (girls 18&U), the Tarpons finished 36.5 points ahead of Prosser. Medelez and Johnson set three Selah pool records between them. Medelez established two new marks in the girls 18&U, 160-yard IM and the 40-yard freestyle. Johnson's record-setting performance came in the girls 16&U, 40-yard 'fly. Prosser got in on the action, too, with setting an all-time best in the Selah pool. Boys 10&U swimmer Haden Hicks, who kept his 2013 unbeaten season record intact this past weekend, clocked a time of 26.38 seconds in the 40-yard 'fly. That was nearly a full second quicker than the old mark of 27.36, which had stood since 1989. The Piranhas also received a stellar effort from William Burgett, a boys 18&U swimmer. The Prosser athlete claimed high-point honors for his age group by winning four of the five individual events. In terms of pool records, 16 in all were set this past weekend in Selah. The top record setter proved to be Aaron George of Naches. A boys 14&U competitor, he smashed the 160-yard IM mark of 1:52.40 by clocking a time of 1:47.93. George also bested the records in his age grouping in the 40-yard 'fly, back and freestyle events by margins of 1.59, 0.31 and 0.01 seconds, respectively. Selah 811.5, Sunnyside 623.5, Toppenish 476.5, Prosser 440, Naches 177, Grandview 136.5, Othello 56 160-Yard Individual Medley Relay Girls 10&U 1st-Trista Hull (Se) 2:19.62, 2nd-Emmalee Nishi (T) 2:42.71, 3rd-Halle Wright (P) 2:49.40, 4th-McKenna Swindell (Se) 2:50.86, 5th-Ori Vasquez (O) 2:57.16, 6th-McKayla Goudy (T) 2:57.48, 7th-Kyrsten Callahan (Se) 3:01.38, 8th-Katie Ramos (Se) 3:02.59 Boys 10&U 1st-Haden Hicks (P) 2:22.94, 2nd-Cooper Vick (Se) 2:37.96, 3rd-Liam Cavanaugh (Se) 2:42.66, 4th-Joe Channel (P) 2:45.25, 5th-Jesse Haines (Se) 2:46.01, 6th-Giovanni DeLoza (Se) 2:49.36, 7th-Myles Newhouse (Su) 2:50.42, 8th-Reece Ozanich (Se) 2:52.11 Girls 12&U 1st-Brielle Newhouse (Su) 2:09.45, 2nd-Janealle Sutterlict (T) 2:10.99, 3rd-Jesse Rees (Se) 2:12.76, 4th-Nicole Smith (Se) 2:17.28, 5th-Janessa Frank (Su) 2:20.89, 6th-Allison Davis (Su) 2:24.49, 7th-Jessica Scheenstra (Su) 2:25.64, 8th-Chloe Messmore (Su) 2:25.71 Boys 12&U 1st-Parker Van de Graaf (Su) 2:19.37, 2nd-Will Richardson (Se) 2:21.63, 3rd-Nathaniel Gutierrez (G) 2:22.86, 4th-Coleman Wright (P) 2:25.71, 5th-Clay Schilperoort (Su) 2:28.17, 6th-Kobe Nishi (T) 2:30.05, 7th-Clay Camp (P) 2:34.40, 8th-Johnny Heffron (Su) 2:36.05 Girls 14&U 1st-Aydan Harrington (Su) 2:05.88, 2nd-Jolissa Mendoza (Su) 2:11.33, 3rd-Tori Skelton (Se) 2:13.22, 4th-Emily Banks (Su) 2:15.48, 5th-Taylor Ebbelaar (G) 2:16.57, 6th-Maggie Rees (Se) 2:19.93, 7th-Joey Taff (O) 2:22.80, 8th-Sara Van Corbach (T) 2:24.58 Boys 14&U 1st-Aaron George (N) 1:47.93, 2nd-Levi Russell (P) 1:59.10, 3rd-Nate Koerner (T) 2:00.96, 4th-Carson Vick (Se) 2:02.32, 5th-Jacob Frampton (Se) 2:04.17, 6th-Sam Clark (T) 2:11.67, 7th-Tavian Valenzuela (G) 2:13.82, 8th-Jose Luis Cisneros-Valdez (G) 2:14.24 Girls 16&U 1st-Katrina Johnson (T) 2:03.90, 2nd-Katelyn Banks (Su) 2:05.23, 3rd-Melanie Garza (Se) 2:09.22, 4th-Lindsay Schilperoort (Su) 2:09.78, 5th-Jaiden Hamilton (P) 2:10.36, 6th-Kalie Bestebreur (Su) 2:10.84, 7th-Summer Hazzard (Su) 2:15.69, 8th-Erin Herzog (Se) 2:17.81 Boys 16&U 1st-Nolan Frampton (Se) 1:45.63, 2nd-Alex Davalos (T) 1:50.98, 3rd-Ivan Lancaster (Se) 1:52.19, 4th-Alex Perez (Su) 1:52.89, 5th-Sam Kawakami (P) 1:53.50, 6th-Jordan Supnet (T) 1:57.99, 7th-Nate Scheenstra (Su) 2:00.15, 8th-Justin Stanton (N) 2:01.21 Girls 18&U 1st-Alexis Medelez (T) 1:54.65, 2nd-Brittany Broersma (Su) 2:00.56, 3rd-Aricka Smith (Se) 2:04.44, 4th-Danielle McKeirnan (P) 2:06.75, 5th-Brittany Borchert (Se) 2:09.16, 6th-Jacqueline Beyrouty (T) 2:14.10, 7th-Kassidy Burnett (P) 2:14.50, 8th-Rachel Krawczyk (Se) 2:15.75 Boys 18&U 1st-William Burgett (P) 1:45.80, 2nd-David Whitmore (N) 1:50.11, 3rd-Nicholas Huylar (T) 1:52.40, 4th-Daniel Whitmore (N) 1:52.82, 5th-Ty Hobbick (P) 1:55.82, 6th-Carson Petrea (Se) 1:56.00, 7th-Jared Churchill (Su) 2:03.10, 8th-Breyden Newland (Se) 2:10.64 160-Yard Medley Relay Girls 10&U 1st-Selah (K. Ramos, T. Hull, M. Meluskey, R. Willey) 2:16.27, 2nd-Toppenish 2:22.75, 3rd-Prosser 2:31.80, 4th-Othello 2:33.81, 5th-Selah 2:34.02, 6th-Selah 2:44.68, 7th-Naches 2:56.55 Boys 10&U 1st-Selah (T. Smith, G. DeLoza, R. Ozanich, J. Haines) 2:16.62, 2nd-Prosser 2:16.68, 3rd-Selah 2:29.47, 4th-Selah 2:37.76, 5th-Sunnyside 2:39.50, 6th-Selah 2:50.71, 7th-Toppenish 2:53.69, 8th-Naches 3:06.01 Girls 12&U 1st-Selah (N. Smith, J. Rees, E. Lancaster, L. Lancaster) 1:50.66, 2nd-Sunnyside 1:51.48, 3rd-Sunnyside 2:00.14, 4th-Selah 2:04.93, 5th-Prosser 2:05.09, 6th-Toppenish 2:05.65, 7th-Grandview 2:12.77, 8th-Othello 2:13.94 Boys 12&U 1st-Sunnyside (C. Schilperoort, P. Van de Graaf, J. Heffron, I. Gonzalez) 1:54.75, 2nd-Prosser 2:00.47, 3rd-Selah 2:00.68, 4th-Toppenish 2:17.18, 5th-Prosser 2:18.60, 6th-Selah 2:20.65, 7th-Grandview 2:29.81, 8th-Selah 2:44.74 Girls 14&U 1st-Sunnyside (J. Mendoza, A. Harrington, E. Stanton, E. Banks) 1:54.34, 2nd-Selah 1:55.42, 3rd-Grandview 1:57.75, 4th-Toppenish 1:58.08, 5th-Prosser 2:02.32, 6th-Toppenish 2:02.90, 7th-(tie) Selah & Grandview 2:11.37 Boys 14&U 1st-Selah (J. Frampton, C. Vick, G. Newell, J. Herzog) 1:41.23, 2nd-Toppenish 1:41.75, 3rd-Grandview 1:45.60, 4th-Sunnyside 1:48.16, 5th-Toppenish 1:59.59, 6th-Naches 2:11.82 Girls 18&U 1st-Sunnyside (K. Bestebreur, K. Banks, B. Broersma, S. Hazzard) 1:41.81, 2nd-Selah 1:43.29, 3rd-Toppenish 1:44.33, 4th-Sunnyside 1:50.57, 5th-Selah 1:56.44, 6th-Grandview 2:00.59, 7th-Naches 2:02.59 Boys 18&U 1st-Selah (R. Leischner, C. Petrea, I. Lancaster, N. Frampton) 1:29.90, 2nd-Toppenish 1:30.42, 3rd-Prosser 1:33.23, 4th-Naches 1:34.44, 5th-Sunnyside 1:35.21, 6th-Selah 1:47.11, 7th-Grandview 1:50.25 40-Yard Butterfly Girls 8&U 1st-Isabella Vick (Se) 35.42, 2nd-Avery Hartman (Se) 35.48, 3rd-Chamelle Abringe (Su) 37.79, 4th-Lexi Dorr (T) 38.22, 5th-Gabriela Rodriguez (O) 51.15, 6th-Caitlin Strand (Se) 51.18, 7th-Tayler Bonzi (Su) 51.44, 8th-Cori Sandoval (T) 56.26 Boys 8&U 1st-Bryson Ashton (P) 42.83, 2nd-Cody Smeenk (Su) 46.01, 3rd-Reilly Cavanaugh (Se) 46.07, 4th-Gage Newhouse (Su) 48.33, 5th-Kaden Ruggles (T) 49.01, 6th-Paul Stewart (T) 54.07, 7th-Wyatt Anderson (N) 54.63, 8th-D'Angelo Garcia (Su) 1:08.20 Girls 10&U 1st-Trista Hull (Se) 27.49, 2nd-Molly Jensen (O) 29.87, 3rd-Ryen Bonzi (Su) 30.78, 4th-Reese Gray (P) 32.80, 5th-Arianna Sanchez (Su) 33.31, 6th-Emmalee Nishi (T) 33.39, 7th-Robin Willey (Se) 35.24, 8th-McKenna Swindell (Se) 35.67 Boys 10&U 1st-Haden Hicks (P) 26.38, 2nd-Giovanni DeLoza (Se) 33.79, 3rd-Jaxon Smith (T) 34.13, 4th-Joe Channel (P) 34.21, 5th-Vincent Ross (N) 34.51, 6th-Reece Ozanich (Se) 35.35, 7th-Liam Cavanaugh (Se) 35.98, 8th-Myles Newhouse (Su) 36.97 Girls 12&U 1st-Jesse Rees (Se) 25.94, 2nd-Janessa Frank (Su) 26.10, 3rd-Janealle Sutterlict (T) 26.36, 4th-Shaya Parrish (O) 26.70, 5th-Nicole Smith (Se) 27.23, 6th-Elle Lancaster (Se) 27.58, 7th-Lily Lancaster (Se) 28.61, 8th-Brielle Newhouse (Su) 29.28 Boys 12&U 1st-Parker Van de Graaf (Su) 25.90, 2nd-Kobe Nishi (T) 27.12, 3rd-Kord Tuttle (P) 28.06, 4th-Nathaniel Gutierrez (G) 28.56, 5th-Will Richardson (Se) 28.58, 6th-Caleb Kuhn (Se) 29.77, 7th-Daniel Fitzgerald (P) 29.86, 8th-Clay Camp (P) 30.83 Girls 14&U 1st-Aydan Harrington (Su) 24.24, 2nd-Elyse Kuebler (Se) 25.68, 3rd-Jolissa Mendoza (Su) 25.75, 4th-Emily Banks (Su) 26.26, 5th-Taylor Ebbelaar (G) 26.30, 6th-Maggie Rees (Se) 27.28, 7th-Viannei Perez (G) 27.35, 8th-Ali Cox (P) 28.11 Boys 14&U 1st-Aaron George (N) 19.49, 2nd-Adrian Heffron (Su) 22.97, 3rd-Rhyan Gonzales (T) 23.20, 4th-Nate Koerner (T) 23.33, 5th-Maurice Prieto (G) 23.81, 6th-Carson Vick (Se) 24.11, 7th-Levi Russell (P) 24.12, 8th-Jacob Frampton (Se) 24.73 Girls 16&U 1st-Katrina Johnson (T) 22.55, 2nd-Katelyn Banks (Su) 24.12, 3rd-Jaiden Hamilton (P) 24.14, 4th-Melanie Garza (Se) 25.13, 5th-Aidan Hudgens (Su) 25.41, 6th-Lindsay Schilperoort (Su) 25.60, 7th-Summer Hazzard (Su) 26.16, 8th-Erin Herzog (Se) 27.07 Boys 16&U 1st-Nolan Frampton (Se) 20.40, 2nd-Alex Perez (Su) 21.20, 3rd-Alex Davalos (T) 21.81, 4th-Jordan Supnet (T) 21.90, 5th-Joe Clark (T) 22.51, 6th-Ivan Lancaster (Se) 22.73, 7th-Nate Scheenstra (Su) 22.95, 8th-Ryan Leischner (Se) 23.03 Girls 18&U 1st-Alexis Medelez (T) 21.43, 2nd-Brittany Broersma (Su) 23.22, 3rd-Aricka Smith (Se) 23.50, 4th-Samanta Castaneda (G) 23.98, 5th-Danielle McKeirnan (P) 24.61, 6th-Micaela Clark (N) 24.66, 7th-Tara Van Corbach (Su) 24.93, 8th-Alexandra Newhouse (Su) 25.22 Boys 18&U 1st-William Burgett (P) 20.27, 2nd-Daniel Whitmore (N) 20.66, 3rd-Nicholas Huylar (T) 20.68, 4th-Ty Hobbick (P) 20.75, 5th-David Whitmore (N) 20.94, 6th-Carson Petrea (Se) 21.24, 7th-Jared Churchill (Su) 22.52, 8th-Breyden Newland (Se) 26.32 40-Yard Backstroke Girls 8&U 1st-Isabella Vick (Se) 33.18, 2nd-Chamelle Abringe (Su) 41.00, 3rd-Lexi Dorr (T) 41.60, 4th-Avery Hartman (Se) 41.87, 5th-Caitlin Strand (Se) 41.89, 6th-Brea'lle Berry (P) 42.82, 7th-Kendall Moore (Se) 46.45, 8th-Syrina Arevalo (Su) 48.33 Boys 8&U 1st-Charlie Hudson (Se) 36.39, 2nd-Kaden Ruggles (T) 37.64, 3rd-Lucas Ross (N) 41.34, 4th-Blake Bazaldua (T) 44.97, 5th-Herky Easton Wright (P) 46.83, 6th-Bryson Ashton (P) 47.31, 7th-Paul Stewart (T) 53.39, 8th-Reilly Cavanaugh (Se) 53.88 Girls 10&U 1st-Trista Hull (Se) 28.43, 2nd-Ryen Bonzi (Su) 33.15, 3rd-Kyrsten Callahan (Se) 35.35, 4th-Katie Ramos (Se) 35.36, 5th-Molly Jensen (O) 35.66, 6th-McKenna Swindell (Se) 36.10, 7th-Baylee Manjarrez (T) 37.77, 8th-Daniella Duran (Su) 40.54 Boys 10&U 1st-Haden Hicks (P) 29.96, 2nd-Reece Ozanich (Se) 32.17, 3rd-Jesse Haines (Se) 33.45, 4th-Cooper Vick (Se) 34.25, 5th-Samuel Olsen (T) 35.80, 6th-Noah Blount (P) 35.93, 7th-Jaxon Smith (T) 37.45, 8th-Giovanni DeLoza (Se) 38.44 Girls 12&U 1st-Nicole Smith (Se) 27.34, 2nd-Lily Lancaster (Se) 27.87, 3rd-Elle Lancaster (Se) 29.47, 4th-Jesse Rees (Se) 30.03, 5th-Kylah Bunch (Su) 30.57, 6th-Makilie Hernandez (Su) 31.45, 7th-Janessa Frank (Su) 31.87, 8th-Emily Broersma (Su) 32.31 Boys 12&U 1st-Alex Johnson (Se) 29.07, 2nd-Parker Van de Graaf (Su) 29.30, 3rd-Nathaniel Gutierrez (G) 30.20, 4th-Clay Schilperoort (Su) 30.67, 5th-Will Richardson (Se) 31.99, 6th-Ian Moreno (P) 32.66, 7th-Daniel Fitzgerald (P) 32.92, 8th-Coleman Wright (P) 34.23 Girls 14&U 1st-Aydan Harrington (Su) 27.42, 2nd-Sara Van Corbach (T) 28.09, 3rd-Nicole Douglas (O) 28.28, 4th-Elyse Kuebler (Se) 28.48, 5th-Maggie Rees (Se) 29.78, 6th-Tori Skelton (Se) 29.86, 7th-Taylor Ebbelaar (G) 30.21, 8th-Ali Cox (P) 31.12 Boys 14&U 1st-Aaron George (N) 22.22, 2nd-Levi Russell (P) 24.72, 3rd-Nate Koerner (T) 24.97, 4th-Jacob Frampton (Se) 25.63, 5th-Carson Vick (Se) 26.46, 6th-Adrian Heffron (Su) 27.02, 7th-Sam Clark (T) 27.22, 8th-Tavian Valenzuela (G) 28.39 Girls 16&U 1st-Katelyn Banks (Su) 25.91, 2nd-Katrina Johnson (T) 26.33, 3rd-Kalie Bestebreur (Su) 26.82, 4th-Autumn Blount (P) 26.89, 5th-Jaiden Hamilton (P) 26.95, 6th-Melanie Garza (Se) 27.48, 7th-Aiden Hudgens (Su) 27.55, 8th-Carly Taff (O) 28.42 Boys 16&U 1st-Nolan Frampton (Se) 21.68, 2nd-Alex Davalos (T) 23.34, 3rd-Ivan Lancaster (Se) 23.89, 4th-Sam Kawakami (P) 25.12, 5th-Christopher Martin (Su) 25.19, 6th-Jordan Supnet (T) 25.25, 7th-Joe Clark (T) 25.77, 8th-Ryan Leischner (Se) 25.99 Girls 18&U 1st-Alexis Medelez (T) 24.46, 2nd-Brittany Broersma (Su) 25.21, 3rd-Aricka Smith (Se) 25.62, 4th-Danielle McKeirnan (P) 27.85, 5th-Brittany Borchert (Se) 27.90, 6th-Jacqueline Beyrouty (T) 28.17, 7th-Samanta Castaneda (G) 28.49, 8th-Micaela Clark (N) 28.59 Boys 18&U 1st-Nicholas Huylar (T) 22.83, 2nd-Ty Hobbick (P) 23.02, 3rd-William Burgett (P) 23.70, 4th-Daniel Whitmore (N) 24.08, 5th-David Whitmore (N) 24.45, 6th-Carson Petrea (Se) 25.37, 7th-Jared Churchill (Su) 26.27, 8th-Breyden Newland (Se) 27.25 160-Yard Freestyle Relay Girls 10&U 1st-Sunnyside (A. Sanchez, D. Duran, A. Albrecht, R. Bonzi) 1:58.05, 2nd-Selah 2:00.33, 3rd-Toppenish 2:01.26, 4th-Prosser 2:10.68, 5th-Naches 2:15.75, 6th-Selah 2:18.23, 7th-Othello 2:20.74, 8th-Toppenish 2:21.04 Boys 10&U 1st-Selah (R. Ozanich, C. Vick, L. Cavanaugh, J. Haines) 1:57.47, 2nd-Selah 2:02.69, 3rd-Prosser 2:03.82, 4th-Sunnyside 2:05.35, 5th-Selah 2:15.37, 6th-Naches 2:18.51, 7th-Selah 2:26.68, 8th-Toppenish 2:27.99 Girls 12&U 1st-Sunnyside (M. Hernandez, J. Frank, J. Scheenstra, B. Newhouse) 1:38.42, 2nd-Selah 1:40.01, 3rd-Toppenish 1:40.76, 4th-Prosser 1:45.98, 5th-Sunnyside 1:49.19, 6th-Toppenish 1:49.46, 7th-Grandview 1:51.92, 8th-Othello 1:52.48 Boys 12&U 1st-Prosser (C. Camp, D. Fitzgerald, B. Beckwith, K. Tuttle) 1:39.69, 2nd-Sunnyside 1:43.61, 3rd-Selah 1:47.38, 4th-Toppenish 1:55.58, 5th-Sunnyside 1:58.78, 6th-Selah 2:00.20, 7th-Othello 2:05.17, 8th-Selah 2:10.74 Girls 14&U 1st-Selah (E. Kuebler, T. Skelton, G. DeLoza, M. Rees) 1:38.14, 2nd-Toppenish 1:40.76, 3rd-Sunnyside 1:41.11, 4th-Prosser 1:41.65, 5th-Grandview 1:43.93, 6th-Othello 1:45.01, 7th-Toppenish 1:49.08, 8th-Selah 1:53.05 Boys 14&U 1st-Selah (J. Frampton, J. Herzog, B. Blakney, C. Vick) 1:29.63, 2nd-Grandview 1:31.29, 3rd-Toppenish 1:31.63, 4th-Sunnyside 1:39.71, 5th-Toppenish 1:42.29, 6th-Selah 1:44.10, 7th-Naches 1:48.09 Girls 18&U 1st-Toppenish (K. Johnson, J. Beyrouty, S. Allen, A. Medelez) 1:31.31, 2nd-Selah 1:31.43, 3rd-Sunnyside 1:32.07, 4th-Prosser 1:33.99, 5th-Sunnyside 1:34.84, 6th-Prosser 1:42.01, 7th-Naches 1:43.99, 8th-Grandview 1:47.17 Boys 18&U 1st-Selah (C. Petrea, I. Lancaster, R. Leischner, N. Frampton) 1:19.27, 2nd-Toppenish 1:19.33, 3rd-Naches 1:20.64, 4th-Prosser 1:21.82, 5th-Sunnyside 1:23.25, 6th-Selah 1:31.38, 7th-Grandview 1:35.25 40-Yard Breaststroke Girls 8&U 1st-Isabella Vick (Se) 42.12, 2nd-Caitlin Strand (Se) 43.38, 3rd-Kellynn Scott (N) 48.04, 4th-Natalia Sanchez (T) 50.48, 5th-Jenna Bond (Se) 52.37 Boys 8&U 1st-Blake Bazaldua (T) 46.77, 2nd-Reilly Cavanaugh (Se) 50.05, 3rd-Luke Cortez (G) 52.28, 4th-Gage Newhouse (Su) 55.69, 5th-Noah Moreno (P) 58.09, 6th-Nathan Gonzalez (T) 1:04.99 Girls 10&U 1st-Trista Hull (Se) 33.42, 2nd-MacKensi Meluskey (Se) 36.62, 3rd-Reese Gray (P) 36.70, 4th-Abigail Albrecht (Su) 38.41, 5th-Arianna Sanchez (Su) 39.54, 6th-Grace Bryan (P) 40.33, 7th-Ellie Richardson (Se) 40.91, 8th-Emmalee Nishi (T) 41.96 Boys 10&U 1st-Haden Hicks (P) 33.54, 2nd-Myles Newhouse (Su) 36.66, 3rd-Joe Channel (P) 36.83, 4th-Reece Ozanich (Se) 38.39, 5th-Cooper Vick (Se) 38.84, 6th-Jesse Haines (Se) 39.04, 7th-Dylan Haines (Se) 39.43, 8th-Liam Cavanaugh (Se) 42.69 Girls 12&U 1st-Brielle Newhouse (Su) 29.16, 2nd-Janessa Frank (Su) 30.53, 3rd-Chloe Messmore (Su) 32.04, 4th-Nicole Gonzalez (T) 32.28, 5th-Elle Lancaster (Se) 33.05, 6th-Jesse Rees (Se) 33.41, 7th-Gentri Gray (P) 33.60, 8th-Alexis Gonzales (T) 33.67 Boys 12&U 1st-Johnny Heffron (Su) 28.90, 2nd-Daniel Fitzgerald (P) 32.21, 3rd-Clay Camp (P) 33.37, 4th-Kord Tuttle (P) 33.53, 5th-Kobe Nishi (T) 33.59, 6th-Nicolas Cortez (G) 33.82, 7th-Parker Van de Graaf (Su) 34.11, 8th-Clayton Robert-Hill (Su) 34.78 Girls 14&U 1st-Kylie Colson (G) 30.59, 2nd-Aydan Harrington (Su) 30.69, 3rd-Sierra Perkins (P) 31.14, 4th-Emily Banks (Su) 31.63, 5th-Taylor Ebbelaar (G) 31.97, 6th-Sahara Maltos (T) 32.16, 7th-Reagan Colson (G) 32.67, 8th-Abby Cromwell (G) 33.01 Boys 14&U 1st-Tavian Valenzuela (G) 25.49, 2nd-Aaron George (N) 27.18, 3rd-Carson Vick (Se) 27.24, 4th-Adrian Heffron (Su) 28.83, 5th-Jeffrey Bayle (Se) 28.87, 6th-Gunnar Newell (Se) 29.47, 7th-DeJuan Alligood (Se) 29.79, 8th-Sam Clark (T) 29.80 Girls 16&U 1st-Katrina Johnson (T) 28.97, 2nd-Kalie Bestebreur (Su) 30.51, 3rd-Katelyn Banks (Su) 31.05, 4th-Kaylee Perkins (P) 31.11, 5th-Aidan Hudgens (Su) 32.24, 6th-Carly Taff (O) 33.00, 7th-Summer Hazzard (Su) 33.77, 8th-Erin Herzog (Se) 33.80 Boys 16&U 1st-Nolan Frampton (Se) 24.02, 2nd-Jordan Supnet (T) 24.15, 3rd-Ivan Lancaster (Se) 24.35, 4th-Alex Perez (Su) 25.86, 5th-Sam Kawakami (P) 26.82, 6th-Ryan Leischner (Se) 27.43, 7th-Joe Clark (T) 27.51, 8th-Justin Stanton (N) 27.86 Girls 18&U 1st-Brittany Broersma (Su) 27.32, 2nd-Aricka Smith (Se) 27.82, 3rd-Kya Raschko (Se) 28.42, 4th-Alexis Medelez (T) 28.45, 5th-Rachel Krawczyk (Se) 29.67, 6th-Alexandra Newhouse (Su) 31.14, 7th-Natalie Clark (T) 31.76, 8th-Tara Van Corbach (Su) 32.65 Boys 18&U 1st-William Burgett (P) 23.67, 2nd-Ty Hobbick (P) 25.19, 3rd-David Whitmore (N) 25.52, 4th-Nicholas Huylar (T) 26.87, 5th-Breyden Newland (Se) 27.72, 6th-Daniel Whitmore (N) 27.90, 7th-Jared Churchill (Su) 28.08, 8th-Carson Petrea (Se) 30.13 40-Yard Freestyle Girls 8&U 1st-Isabella Vick (Se) 30.15, 2nd-Chamelle Abringe (Su) 31.42, 3rd-Avery Hartman (Se) 31.62, 4th-Brea'lle Berry (P) 32.59, 5th-Genesis Espinoza-Cole (Se) 32.87, 6th-Tayler Bonzi (Su) 36.50, 7th-Caitlin Strand (Se) 36.57, 8th-Amanda Peterson (P) 39.95 Boys 8&U 1st-Kaden Ruggles (T) 30.70, 2nd-Cody Smeenk (Su) 32.96, 3rd-Logan Shultz (P) 33.47, 4th-Lucas Ross (N) 33.75, 5th-Nathan Gonzalez (T) 35.47, 6th-Reilly Cavanaugh (Se) 36.11, 7th-Wyatt Anderson (N) 38.27, 8th-Blake Bazaldua (T) 38.31 Girls 10&U 1st-Trista Hull (Se) 24.59, 2nd-Reese Gray (P) 26.53, 3rd-Ryen Bonzi (Su) 26.83, 4th-McKayla Goudy (T) 28.57, 5th-Mackenzie Benge (N) 28.69, 6th-Isabela Stephens (N) 29.35, 7th-Emmalee Nishi (T) 29.68, 8th-Abigail Albrecht (Su) 29.87 Boys 10&U 1st-Haden Hicks (P) 24.62, 2nd-Jesse Haines (Se) 26.35, 3rd-Cooper Vick (Se) 27.80, 4th-Vincent Ross (N) 27.82, 5th-Joe Channel (P) 28.61, 6th-Reece Ozanich (Se) 29.51, 7th-Myles Newhouse (Su) 30.17, 8th-Michael Noyes (Se) 30.34 Girls 12&U 1st-Kaylyn Sanders (P) 22.61, 2nd-Janessa Frank (Su) 22.92, 3rd-Janealle Sutterlict (T) 23.20, 4th-Crystal Chavez (T) 23.42, 5th-Jessica Scheenstra (Su) 23.44, 6th-Jesse Rees (Se) 23.64, 7th-Lily Lancaster (Se) 24.14, 8th-Shaya Parrish (O) 25.00 Boys 12&U 1st-Kord Tuttle (P) 23.16, 2nd-Parker Van de Graaf (Su) 23.35, 3rd-Nathaniel Gutierrez (G) 23.78, 4th-Johnny Heffron (Su) 24.20, 5th-Will Richardson (Se) 24.24, 6th-Brendan Beckwith (P) 24.47, 7th-Daniel Fitzgerald (P) 24.83, 8th-Kobe Nishi (T) 25.07 Girls 14&U 1st-Aydan Harrington (Su) 23.24, 2nd-(tie) Emily Banks (Su) & Jolissa Mendoza (Su) 23.33, 4th-Maggie Simmons (N) 23.39, 5th-Nicole Douglas (O) 23.41, 6th-Elyse Kuebler (Se) 23.65, 7th-Taylor Ebbelaar (G) 23.72, 8th-Maggie Rees (Se) 23.92 Boys 14&U 1st-Aaron George (N) 19.01, 2nd-Maurice Prieto (G) 21.11, 3rd-Carson Vick (Se) 21.12, 4th-Tavian Valenzuela (G) 21.18, 5th-Adrian Heffron (Su) 21.28, 6th-Levi Russell (P) 21.40, 7th-Sam Clark (T) 21.81, 8th-Nate Koerner (T) 21.86 Girls 16&U 1st-Katrina Johnson (T) 21.11, 2nd-Jaiden Hamilton (P) 21.60, 3rd-Melanie Garza (Se) 22.45, 4th-Summer Hazzard (Su) 22.62, 5th-Aidan Hudgens (Su) 23.03, 6th-Katelyn Banks (Su) 23.15, 7th-Sarah Black (Se) 23.53, 8th-Carly Taff (O) 23.58 Boys 16&U 1st-Nolan Frampton (Se) 18.00, 2nd-Alex Davalos (T) 19.00, 3rd-Sam Kawakami (P) 19.72, 4th-Alex Perez (Su) 19.89, 5th-(tie) Nate Scheenstra (Su) & Joe Clark (T) 19.96, 7th-Ivan Lancaster (Se) 20.53, 8th-Justin Stanton (N) 20.56 Girls 18&U 1st-Alexis Medelez (T) 20.54, 2nd-Brittany Broersma (Su) 21.09, 3rd-Aricka Smith (Se) 21.45, 4th-Micaela Clark (N) 22.31, 5th-Danielle McKeirnan (P) 23.05, 6th-Tara Van Corbach (Su) 23.27, 7th-Jacqueline Beyrouty (T) 23.49, 8th-Alexandra Newhouse (Su) 23.59 Boys 18&U 1st-William Burgett (P) 18.34, 2nd-Nicholas Huylar (T) 19.37, 3rd-Carson Petrea (Se) 19.86, 4th-David Whitmore (N) 19.99, 5th-Daniel Whitmore (N) 20.26, 6th-Jared Churchill (Su) 20.61, 7th-Ty Hobbick (P) 20.66, 8th-Breyden Newland (Se) 23.01


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