No more truck parking on city streets

GRANDVIEW - This past Tuesday the Grandview City Council approved an amendment to the city's parking ordinance, prohibiting large vehicles like semi trucks from parking on the streets in residential neighborhoods.

Assistant Police Chief Kal Fuller said the police department has received a number of calls from citizens concerned about semi trucks obstructing roadways in neighborhoods.

Some streets, he said, are not as wide as others and semis parked on those streets cause hazards for other motorists. Fuller said vehicles must cross lanes of traffic to maneuver around the larger vehicles and other safety concerns include visual obstruction.

Complaints that are most common include semis parked on Wilson Highway, Bonnieview Road, Elm Street and Pleasant Avenue.

"There are allowances for temporary loading and unloading," said Fuller.

He said a 10,000-pound weight limit is included in the city codes.

The council approved the amendment by a 7-0 vote.


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