Vote for Rohde


As alumnae of the Sunnyside School District, we are writing this letter to offer a different perspective, which leads us to be in favor of Mary Rita Rhode’s election to the Sunnyside School Board.

We believe that to best serve Sunnyside schools, a board member must understand the school district from both the outside in, as well as from the inside out. Mary Rita understands the process of obtaining and using grants, maintaining and following a healthy budget, as well as dealing with administration and bureaucracy. She has already done these things well, and, more importantly, in educational settings.

But, what we find is more important, and what sets Mary Rita Rhode apart from others, is that she really understands education, and our Sunnyside schools, from the inside.

How? She listens directly to the concerns of students and speaks directly with parents regarding methods to help their children succeed academically. Already, Mary Rita has shown that she can help students reach higher goals through parent involvement in our district. We know how much parental support means to students because our parents challenged and encouraged us to accomplish our academic goals. Mary Rita has and will continue to help parents feel welcome, empowered and willing to help their children succeed.

We encourage you, the people of Sunnyside, to join us in improving our Sunnyside School District from both the outside in, and the inside out, by voting for Mary Rita Rhode.

With hopes for a brighter future…

/s/ Kristen Wedam, WSU/Pullman; Julie Wedam, Kath-olieke Universiteit Leuven/Belgium

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