Affordable Health Care Act turning out to be a bad law


With all due respect to our lawmakers’ good intentions, the Affordable Health Care Act is unaffordable, at least to my family. And, as I collect information from my circle of friends, they too!

My health care costs according to our inquiries will increase at least 2-1/2 times - if we stay healthy, about $400 a month to about $1,000. If we get sick our out of pocket expenses will increase, depending on what it is, upwards of four times compared to what we now pay out of pocket.

Example, in 2005 thyroid surgery, out of pocket expenses - including premiums were about $6,000. Now for $12,000 of premium we get a $10,000 deductible. The $22,000 does not include our co-pay. Not a good deal!

In my close circle of friends, we identified four of six families that received cancellation notices from their current insurance carriers. This ain’t working

We were promised we could continue our present policies and keep our doctors. We were told only about 3 percent of current policies would fail to comply. Either my circle of friends, all with different policies and companies, are very special to be the elite 3 percent or something is going very wrong.

It would seem the best thing to do at this point would be to repeal the current law and fix the problems. Only then, should we try an American version of the failed programs that break most of the socialist countries of the world, it causes many people to come to the U.S. for better health care.

My Canadian acquaintance had told me as a warning, “You don’t want socialized medicine,” and from what I have observed to this point, they are CORRECT.

It is my guess that when the full impact is felt, and real data can be collected, that more people are being negatively impacted than are being benefited. That would translate into a ‘Bad law’.

/s/ Tim and Ann Bardell, Sunnyside

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