All Souls Day


I want to thank the participants in our first annual All Souls Day Procession in Sunnyside.

I recommend that people do research about this very spiritual and peaceful celebration. A local science teacher informed me that her research dates back to France, where the French celebrated it, as well as the Spaniards.

Prior to our event, I attended a symposium on the migration of butterflies at the National Science Teachers Association Conference. They referenced that the time frame of migration to Mexico corresponded with the celebration, and they symbolically believed the Monarch butterflies to be the souls of children that passed, returning to their loved ones.

The weather wasn’t great for our procession, and the crowd wasn’t huge...but as I told my mom, quality over quantity is better.

Interestingly, the St. Joseph’s Church bells began to toll just as we arrived. Thank you to Father Tom and St Joseph’s Church for working with us, hosting the food booths in their gym, and creating the beautiful altar. I was so touched that some people actually already had folded letters written for their loved ones. Everyone was very moved by the symbolism of burning those, and watching the smoke rise.

Thank you to Pam Turner and Trina Alvarez for their time and effort to make this event happen. I was also impressed by all the people that attended mass that evening. Thank you, too, to the Sunnyside Police Department.

I look forward to making this event even bigger and better next year!

/s/ Teri Alvarez-Ziegler, Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, President

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