Rohde support


Rohde support

I am writing to show my support for Mary Rita Rohde, candidate for the Sunnyside School Board.

We have two good candidates in this race, both known for good character and community involvement. However, I believe that Mary Rita Rohde will make the stronger contribution to the education of our children for a number of reasons.

She has experience as an educator and principal, so she understands their perspective and needs. She has dedicated her life to serving children and families, and knows our community well. She is a champion for parental involvement; this is something that can’t be stressed enough. She has high expectations of students, which is critical since high achievement is the key to success for our children once they become adults. A school district that challenges all children will be an asset when businesses try to recruit professionals to live and work in this town. Finally, her prior school board experience in another district will help her to contribute right away once she is elected.

Please join me in voting for Mary Rita Rohde for Sunnyside School Board. She will help to make Sunnyside schools both a better place to learn and a better place to work.

/s/ LaDon Linde, Sunnyside

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