Join me in voting for Rohde


I have known Sister Mary Rita Rohde since she first came to the Valley more than 30 years ago to participate in the founding of Heritage University. I have been fortunate to know her both professionally and personally.

Mary Rita has the qualities and skills needed to be an effective school board member for the Sunnyside public schools. Her background in education is extensive on multiple levels.

I have witnessed the care and concern she has for each and every child in our local schools. That led her to raise the money for Nuestra Casa (which educates immigrant adults), to collaborate with the teachers at Outlook Elementary School, to sponsor the “Partners in Learning” program that successfully engaged parents and families in their children’s education for three years.

Please join me in voting for Mary Rita Rohde for the Sunnyside School Board.

/s/ Ignacio Resendez, former director, Washington State Migrant Student Record System

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