Help vote in Rohde to school board


I am so pleased to encourage voters to vote for Sister Mary Rita Rohde for the Sunnyside School Board. I have known Mary Rita since the early 1980s when she was supervising student teachers in the public schools as a professor at Heritage University.

A few years ago Mary Rita coordinated a program with Outlook School that brought a high percentage of parents to the school for several evenings of interaction with teachers of their children in each child’s classroom. These were very helpful sessions for us teachers, for the children in our classrooms and for their parents. Having a meaningful and good relationship between teachers and parents through parent engagement in the schools is so vital to student achievement. It was Mary Rita’s vision of how to effectively engage parents in their children’s education that made this program possible.

Having a professional, highly qualified educator on the Sunnyside School board will certainly enhance the effectiveness of our board and our schools.

Please vote for Mary Rita Rohde for the school board.

/s/ Mrs. Barbara Quigley, former first grade teacher, Outlook Elementary School

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