Many reasons to elect Rohde


There are many reasons to elect Mary Rita Rohde to the Sunnyside School Board.

First, she has a genuine concern for the educational system. Her sincerity for the welfare of others is evident in her volunteer community service work. She knows our community well. Her natural leadership skills mesh perfectly with her ease in working with others, and her professional experience will be an asset to the school board.

Mary Rita Rohde has a strong academic background, including classroom teacher, principal, founding faculty member at Heritage University and a Toppenish School Board position. She is clearly well-versed in all aspects of what happens in our schools. She is a listener and will advocate for families and their academic needs. Mary Rita Rohde is committed to the success of Sunnyside schools and understands that strong schools make strong communities.

These are just a few reasons we have decided to support Mary Rita Rohde, and we would encourage our fellow citizens to do the same.

/s/ Jason and Karen Sheehan, Sunnyside

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