Vote for those business sense


It is time once again for Sunnyside to elect its leadership. In the primary election this year very few voters took the opportunity to vote. It is our right and privilege to choose our leaders and we should always look for honesty and integrity in those we elect.

Sunnyside has a population of about 15,000. I realize that a good percentage of that number are children that cannot vote. However, less than 1,000 people (as in the last general election) making the important choices for the whole community is not good.

Please take the time this November to vote!

I would urge you to vote for Spencer Martin, Francisco Guerrero, Dean Broersma, Theresa Hancock for Sunnyside City Council and Steven Winfree for the Sunnyside School Board. These folks are all honest, hard working individuals that have shown a very strong commitment to the Sunnyside community. Over the years, all of these folks have proven their leadership capabilities, volunteered on many projects throughout Sunnyside and continue to do so.

Sunnyside needs honest, ethical people with a good business sense to bring the community together and make it all it can be. I believe that these five candidates possess the skills and integrity to do what is right for the community, as a whole, in open transparent discussion with their fellow council or board members.

As successful business people they have learned to make tough decisions, which they make using the best information available to them at the time. They know that for a sound business you need a sound, well balanced budget. I believe they will use these same skills and research to make sound decisions on issues as they come before the council or board.

At many public meetings I have heard people stress the importance of a balanced and well managed budget. As we all can see from the example we are living through with the federal crisis, it is critical that a government, any government, not only have a balanced budget but live by it. Sunnyside needs to elect people that will look at the needs of the community as a whole as well as the financial means of the organization to meet those needs.

I believe that Spencer Martin, Francisco Guerrero, Dean Broersma, Theresa Hancock and Steven Winfree are the best candidates for their chosen positions.

Remember to vote this November, ballots will be out soon.

/s/ Dave & Amber Hansen, Mesa, Ariz., and former Sunnyside residents

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