Write-in candidate targets incumbent S’side councilman


Ardell McNerney... write-in challenger


Francisco Guerrero...incumbent

A last minute write-in campaign is underway and the race is on for the Sunnyside City Council, District 4 seat in next month’s General Election.

Retired Wenatchee poplice sergeant Ardell “Mac” McNerney announced his write-in candidacy this week to oppose incumbent Francisco Guerrero, who was appointed to the council post eight months ago.

McNerney and wife Marilea moved here 12 years ago to be closer to family.

He said he mounted the write-in campaign in response to what he perceives as Guerrero’s lack of support for the police.

“He’s not backing the police like I think he should have,” says McNerney, who notes his Parkland Drive home has had two break-ins.

“If you’re not for the police, you have to put yourself on the other side of the fence,” McNerney said.

Guerrero doesn’t see it as a black-and-white, either-or issue.

“I have nothing against the police department. Crime is down, they’re doing a great job,” Guerrero says. “But I strongly believe we need a good mix of individuals on the city council.”

Financial center manager for HAPO Community Credit Union in Sunnyside, Guerrero adds, “My goal is to get the city back in good financial shape.”

He notes that Sunnyside is more than just the police department and a balanced approach is needed to get the city in good shape financially.

McNerney says Parkland Homes owner Wayne Overland asked him to seek Guerrero’s post and notes he backs most of what Overland asserts in a campaign newsletter that was recently delivered to some Sunnyside homes.

In backing McNerney, Robert Perales, Don Vlieger and Dean Broersma for the city council, Overland’s finger-pointing publication labels Guerrero and other city council candidates as being opposed to Sunnyside police, asking, “Why do they hate cops?”

McNerney is legally blind due to a rare eye condition and will rely on help from his wife to read council materials if elected. He says he’s the better choice because, “Sunnyside as a whole can be better.”

A 30-year resident of Sunnyside, member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, acting chair of Sunnyside United and a former member of the city’s planning commission, Guerrero says he won’t respond to his new challenger with posters or signs.

“Hopefully my name and reputation in the community will speak for itself,” Guerrero says.

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srt8 4 years, 7 months ago

After reading in the news of what happened at this weeks council meeting, the obvious choice is McNerney for the seat. Its shameful what Guerrero said at that council meeting and it clearly shows the City of Sunnyside will be heading back to the days of shootouts and drug dealing if Guerrero is elected. "Guerrero says he won't respond to his new challenger with posters or signs....my name and reputation in the community will speak for itself" What self glorifying arrogance this person has of himself!! Citizens of Sunnyside...its obvious the right choice is Mac McNerney!!


4everoceans 4 years, 7 months ago

This is what happens when you don't agree with Councilman Vlieger in a public meeting, he tries to make sure you are not on the council anymore.

Sunnyside is more than a Police Department!!! Council persons need to look at what is best for the City as a whole and also take into consideration what the budget can handle. The SSPD has played fast and loose with their budget and know that Councilmen Don Vlieger and Jason Raines will support whatever new toy they want. Sunnyside can not afford all the extra overtime costs nor all the new toys they want. You may remember all the discussion a few years ago about getting a Drug Dog for the PD. The Dog was going to pay for itself and add revenue to the PD, however, now the truth is coming out. Drug Dog is not carrying his own costs let alone additional revenues and Deputy Chief Schenk wants to get rid of him/her. But the Deputy Chief wants to keep the new decked out vehicle that was "required" for the dog, not a surprise.

Francisco Guerrero is the best choice for City Council!! We need people on council that understand budgets and business.


linariley 4 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Guerrero is well respected in the community. I don't know what frightens Mr. Raines and Mr. Vlieger more. Is it that Mr. Guerrero is smart enough to see through the dog and pony show, or is it that he more closely reflects the community. Desperation to continue a voting block seems to be the motive of recruiting a write-in campaign. Note that the write-in candidate lives at Parkland Homes, one of the addresses that seem to attract a lot of police calls.The same address that the awful fake newspapers come from. The same address that Perales's campaign material is coming from. His absentee landlord is sure putting a lot of money into this campaign. I don't see the crime free rental housing ordinance working very well there. Multiple homicides and then again last night a car-jacking and high speed chase from Parkland Homes. Where is the outcry from Raines and Vlieger to stomp into the City Managers office and demand code enforcement in there and declare the property a public nuisance. Follow the money. There has to be more to this story of the desperation of Vlieger, Raines, Overland and their kind. Now their publications have resorted to calling people Nazi's and flat out lies about Mr. Martin's campaign and why he decided to run. So interesting that everyone that runs for council that isn't in their pocket are painted as "cop hating, gang lovers". Pay attention Sunnyside, don't let your election be bought by outside special interests.


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