Hate mail


In response to Mr. Wayne Overland’s “The Real News.”…for those of you who received this at your home I would like to share an opinion.

I received this piece of literature the other day. My husband explained to me that it had arrived while I was out of town. He added that he had only started to read it and realized that this paper was HATE MAIL and definitely not worth his time to read, but he kept it just in case I was curious to read it.

I found this piece of work to be hilarious, mostly. I thought the people who vote in this community must know how ridiculous the first header in this paper sounds. It reads “Why do they hate cops?” Who in their right mind would even consider making a statement like this about people who have served and given 110 percent of their time to our community?

Regardless of disagreements, the men and women who serve our community on the city council sacrifice time, money and peace of mind and they don’t deserve what is being dished out in this paper. The outright lies and disrespect by Mr. Overland is unacceptable.

I am sure that all of our city representatives will agree with me when I say that we are fortunate to have men and women who are willing to become police officers and firemen, who risk their lives every day to protect and keep us safe in our community. We honor this as Americans and take pride in those who wear the uniform.

In any organization where you have lots of people working together you will always have issues.

Currently we are short-staffed in management at the police department, and issues are arising from community members who are coming forward to share their concerns. We should never get to the point in our community where good, upstanding citizens who live, work and serve our community can’t have a voice. This is not who we are in this country.

Citizens of Sunnyside, please join me in throwing away any hate mail you may receive from Mr. Overland, who I believe is misinformed.

I say to you, Sir, and to all your partners in this publication, God bless you and help you to gain wisdom to use your money wisely for the common good of our community and stop wasting it on this type of literature.

/s/ Always in my prayers - Bengie Aguilar, Sunnyside

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