Please vote for Rohde


I urge all of you to please vote for Mary Rita Rohde for Sunnyside School Board.

Mary Rita will complement the existing school board members by adding to their teamwork in raising the academic and athletic standards of the Sunnyside schools to a greatness of which we can be proud.

By raising the academic and athletic standards, our students will be more qualified to receive scholarships for advanced schooling.

I believe Sister Mary Rita Rohde’s qualifications make her an outstanding candidate. She served on the original founding committee for Heritage University; served very closely with Kathleen Ross, president of Heritage University; served on the worldwide management team for the Sisters of Holy Names in residence in Quebec, Canada; served on the Toppenish Public School Board; and founded Nuestra Casa in Sunnyside 10 years ago. This organization (Nuestra Casa) helps bring families and students closer together.

I believe Sister Mary Rita Rohde will:

∙ Provide great teamwork with the existing school board.

∙ Personally set high standards for school administrators.

∙ Personally hold management accountable to achieve these goals.

∙ Bring parents closer to administrators and teachers.

Thank you very much for considering and voting for Sister Mary Rita Rohde for Sunnyside Public School Board.

/s/ Richard Golob, Sunnyside

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