Police report complaint addressed in timely manner


This past Monday I went to the Sunnyside City Council meeting and addressed the council about an incident involving the police department. My complaint was that there was no record of me ever calling in and making a report of a crime. This led me to believe that this may have purposely been left out off the police logs to change the outcome of crime reports. I told the city manager about this several weeks before.

This past Tuesday the deputy police chief called to get more details of the incident. Wednesday morning, I talked to the city manager. He informed me that they did find the report, that for some reason my name was not attached to the case. He said that was a mistake on the part of the city. He also said he had dropped the ball by not acting on my concerns earlier.

I want to thank both the city manager and deputy police chief for clarifying this for me in a timely manner.

/s/ Ron Stremler, Sunnyside

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