Re-elect Don Vlieger


I am writing this letter to give my support for Don Vlieger.

I have worked with Don on the Sunnyside City Council and have found him to be insightful and always prepared.

Through Don’s work on council, he found that the city was wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on penalties and fines for late payments and improper filings to the IRS and pension funds. These fines and penalties were never brought to council’s attention. Don also worked to stop the massive attorney bills ($700,000) the city was paying compared to Grandview’s $90,000.

Most importantly, Don has worked hard to make Sunnyside a safer place to live. He has championed and supported programs that made Sunnyside a safe place to live.

Unfortunately, just a few years ago our youth were being slaughtered in the streets, citizens were afraid to let their children play in their yards and people did not feel comfortable taking walks in their own neighborhood.

That has changed! Drive-by shootings have dropped from 40 in 2010 to one this year. Gang arrests are up from 66 in 2009 to 135 in 2012. Drug arrests went up from 134 in 2009 to 284 in 2012.

Don cares about Sunnyside and wants to make it a better place to live.

Vote to re-elect Don Vlieger.

/s/ Mike Farmer, former mayor, Sunnyside

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