Show support for Rohde


We are writing this letter to help elect Mary Rita Rohde to the Sunnyside School Board.

Mary Rita Rohde has lived in our valley for over 30 years. We have known her for her work with Heritage University at its onset, as a board member for many boards around the Yakima Valley, her untiring work with education in her church, the local schools (Toppenish, Wapato and Sunnyside), and the founding of Nuestra Casa, which has served many families here in Sunnyside.

She has an understanding of the many needs for our community and its members; and will work to ensure that all are educated to the best of their individual abilities. She is dedicated, experienced and effective as a leader. Her ability to bring out the best in people has been proven many times in each community she has served.

Please join us in support of Mary Rita Rohde by voting for her for the Sunnyside School Board.

/s/ Libby & Leroy Werkhoven, Sunnyside

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