Vote for Vlieger and Broersma


This year I have the privilege of supporting the Sunnyside City Council campaigns of two of my very good friends, both of whom have rock solid integrity and proven leadership ability.

For years now Don Vlieger has championed policies that have had a tremendously positive impact on our quality of life and financial well being of the city. Even though the results of Don’s crime reduction efforts are so obviously seen all over Sunnyside, there is a concerted campaign to eliminate and reverse the progress we’ve made by spreading lies and starting rumors. It’s critical that Don gets re-elected to keep the policies that our making Sunnyside one of the safest communities in Washington in place.

Dean Broersma is a relative newcomer to the council, but he brings with him years of experience serving in leadership roles in the community, the church, and Christian schools around the world. We are fortunate that Dean brings to the council a proven worldview that will result in decisions benefiting Sunnyside for years to come.

Sunnyside has certainly experienced its share of challenges in the past, but through the hard work and dedication of dozens of individuals and organizations our city is poised to realize some tremendous opportunities in these coming years. You can help sustain this momentum by casting your ballot for Don Vlieger and Dean Broersma.

/s/ Chad Werkhoven, Sun-nyside

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