We have ‘got our man’


In a few days, the citizens of Sunnyside will be electing a member of our community to serve on the Sunnyside School Board, Pos. 3.

It appears that there are two highly qualified individuals asking for your support. One, Steve Winfree, is a life-long resident of the community and one that I have had the privilege to work with over the years in promoting quality, solid educational opportunities for all of the students in this community.

I am not that familiar with the other person and only know her through her efforts for a time in the Toppenish area and, later, with the Catholic church in Sunnyside.

There is a term I like to use with people who stay the course, or the “Steady Eddie” syndrome, people who are always “solid in the middle” seldom swaying too far left or too far right. That is Steve Winfree to a “T.”

As I worked with him on levy committees over the years, I was always amazed with his ability to look at issues, break them down and find viable, no-nonsense ideas that would best create a solution that most benefitted all our young people.

Steve Winfree has no hidden agenda…I’m not suggesting his opponent does. But, I do not know her. Steve, I know and have for years.

His children are proud products of the Sunnyside school system, and I know Steve is aware of that fact, and is the type of individual who now wants to give back to the community that has served him so well over all of these years.

I want Steve Winfree to continue to “stay the course,” stay “solid in the middle” and do what he has done for the “oh so many years”…be a solid rock that only wants to help his community and its schools grow and be successful.

A history of community service, intelligent, hard worker with no hidden agenda and a local product…I think we “got our man.”

/s/ Bill Gant, Sunnyside

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