I’m voting for Theresa Hancock


I have observed Mr. Robert Perales for many years. I have followed in the newspapers and television his police career for some time. Based on his past, he seems to be quite troubled, or just on the edge of questionable events.

Many perfectly good officers have left his police department in Granger, and either quit law enforcement and moved on to other pursuits, or went to other departments.

I have never heard of any particular plan he has for the city of Granger to suppress crime and make the community safer.

I have not seen Mr. Perales express any particular interest in the community in which he lives. His sole issue seems to be to protect the turf of the Sunnyside Police Department, rather than any realistic, balanced approach to community affairs.

All persons interested in this community should be very wary of recruited candidates, who seem to be handpicked to serve as surrogates for their handlers on the Sunnyside City Council. This community does not need another hand puppet.

We need strong, stable leadership, with a realistic community view, rather than someone who just wants to hand over unlimited taxpayer funds to one agency.

I am voting for Theresa Hancock for Sunnyside City Council, District 1.

/s/ Jim Rustler, Sunnyside

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