Let teenagers trick-or-treat


Just as a curious note, for our citizens that are kind enough to dole out lots of candies and treats for the trick-or-treaters…why is it I hear often, “Oh, I stop when the “big kids” start coming?”

Teenagers should be able to dress up and go trick-or-treating, too.

Please don’t turn off your light or turn them away. We need our kids to remain kids and have fun as long as they can.

I don’t think any of them are out to do harm to you, or to steal from the little ones, that’s old time stuff. Have fun with them when they show up, talk to them, laugh with them, be kind to them. They are about to leap into adulthood soon enough, give them a chance to have a knock at your door and say, “Trick-or-treat.”

Besides, I don’t see a difference in a teenage group of kids at the door than two adult parents, dressed up in costume or not, holding an infant, dressed up in costume or not, trick-or-treating for the “infant,” they say.

Be nice to our teens this year. Include them if they come to your door this year. There is always those that ruin it for the rest, by returning more than once, or being stupid, rude or mean, but there are enough good ones to take that chance. Then they can turn and go to a special teen event held at school or church to complete their evening.

But don’t shut them off, please. Give them a try. There are some really cool teens out there.

/s/ Kathleen Rogers, Grandview

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