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Perry a voice for every child


Please help re-elect Michelle Emery Perry for Sunnyside School Board, position #2.

I have known Michelle for many years. I have gone to Michelle on several occasions while she has been on the board with issues regarding my children and the schools. She has been very helpful and directed me to the correct channels to address my concerns. She sincerely wants to hear from community members and parents, and always listens with an open mind.

She is passionate about our schools and advocates for a quality education for all students. She wants to make sure that our schools are safe, secure and well maintained. She truly cares about the students in our district and wants the best opportunities for all of them.

Since she has been on the board the graduation rates have increased over 40 percent and she won’t be satisfied until 100 percent of our students are succeeding.

Michelle knows that a lot of gains have been made in the district in the past four years, but knows there is a long way to go. She wants to increase family and community engagement in the district, make sure the district is being fiscally responsible and transparent. She also wants to push for more music and arts in the schools.

Michelle is someone who is not afraid of going against the grain if she believes it is what’s best for the students in our district. I have seen her be a voice for every student and the community.

Please join me in re-electing my friend, Michelle Emery Perry, for the Sunnyside School Board, position #2. She truly cares about the schools and the community she lives in.

/s/ Lizz Bruhn-Pierce, Sunnyside

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