Vlieger champion of law and order


When my wife and I returned to Sunnyside in January of 2006, this town was filled with almost non-stop violence. I don’t remember if it was that summer or early in 2007 that I read a statistical report on crime nationally that put Sunnyside among the most violent cities in the nation.

Indeed, we had drive-by shootings on our own street, and one house across the street, one at the opposite corner of our block, and one situated on Harrison, which is at the end of our street.

Our daughter came by for a visit and her car was stolen from where she had parked it right in front of our house.

With Don Vlieger serving on the city council, and his strong support of the police department, things began to change. Don has continually championed law and order in this city and his support of the police department is unequaled among our city council members.

That said, with Sunnyside’s crime rate dropping to the lowest it has been in decades and making it one of Washington’s safest cities in which to live and do business, we cannot afford to elect folks who oppose a strong police force. We don’t need to elect folks to the city council who will compromise our safety.

That said, I am recommending with every breath I breathe that Sunnyside residents re-elect Don Vlieger to the city council. We cannot afford to be without his presence there.

/s/ Regner A. Capener, Senior Pastor, River Worship Center

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