Vote for Winfree


I am writing this letter to encourage residents of the Sunnyside School District to vote for Steve Winfree for school board position #3.

We are fortunate to have someone of Steve’s character, education and business experience who is willing to take the time and effort to serve on the school board.

I have practiced law with Steve for over 30 years and I have witnessed his dedication to the community of Sunnyside and support of the Sunnyside School District. Steve believes that it is critical to provide a quality education for the students of Sunnyside, and he has worked tirelessly over the years in volunteer positions to provide his support to Sunnyside schools.

Steve’s qualifications are excellent. One of Steve’s many strengths is his ability to assess situations and work with others in a fair, reasonable and compromising manner to obtain the best result for all interested parties. Steve’s background and business experience will greatly benefit the Sunnyside School District.

Please consider casting your vote for Steve for Sunnyside School Board, position #3.

/s/ Paul Hart, Sunnyside

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