Setting the record straight


Recently I was quoted in a newsletter (The Real News), printed by Wayne Overland. Though he spoke politely about me personally, I wish to protest his quoting me publicly without my permission.

Mr. Overland called me on the phone out of the blue. I did not approach him, and he did not tell me that he intended to publish my remarks. He simply asked me what I thought of the Sunnyside Police Department. My answer was, “Wonderful! They have always been very helpful to me, especially when my home was burgled and vandalized.”

Now he has misquoted me, implying that I thought the Sunnyside Police Department has recently been doing a “better job” – the opposite of what I said. I have lived in this community for 50 years, and in my opinion our police department has always done a good job.

In any case, I would not wish to be quoted in his very negative newsletter. I do not approve of attacks on individuals or the things Mr. Overland has said about our local newspaper. The Daily Sun News has quite properly publicized the positions of all candidates for the city council and the school board, and has published letters from supporters of various candidates.

Every citizen of Sunnyside has the right to support candidates and to express that support appropriately. The negative tone of The Real News does no service to our community.

Personally, I do not support all of the candidates Mr. Overland does. I will judge these four men on an individual basis and vote on my secret ballot.

I encourage every other voter to make a positive choice and not be influenced by negative charges.

/s/ Florence P. Blosser, Sunnyside

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