Good neighbors


Bud and I would like to give a humble thank you to our neighbor dairymen, Jason Sheehan and the Veldhuis brothers - Ruurd and Hessel - for their hard work in helping us level our two acres of land.

We are putting our two acres to good use in a great family project and needed it leveled to proceed. Since we didn’t have the equipment I put a call out to Jason, who I have come to know through the GWMA and YRCAA meetings. He contacted fellow dairyman Ruurd Veldhuis. These three young fellows came and got the job done.  

Now the Rogers and Sparrow families can continue on with their dream plans. Hopefully, we have created a new bond with our neighbor dairy, opened lines of communication that will only help to advance what this lady, an advocate of clean air and ground water, and her supportive family has been working towards for my community of Sunnyside and the whole Lower Valley.

It is so reassuring to know that the values and sense-of-community that helped developed our rich lifestyle in the Lower Valley is alive and well even today, when so many are doubtful.

/s/ Kathleen Rogers, Grandview

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