Time for cops to cut ties with Raines

During the 2011 race for Sunnyside City Council the Sunnyside Police Guild for the first time decided to formally and publicly endorse a political candidate. They threw their support to Jason Raines, who was successful in his bid for city council.

We’re now one year away from the 2015 contest for city council, and it’s time the Sunnyside Police Guild just as loudly and just as formally drop its support of Raines.

The last straw for the union should be Raines’ recent review on Amazon for an air rifle. In the process of correcting what he viewed as an incorrect MSNBC report, Raines ended up making light of a man killed in an officer-involved shooting.

Of course, had guild members bothered to read Raines’ racist joke on his blog more than a year before the 2011 election they would have – or at least should have – thought twice before even endorsing him in the first place.

Raines’ recent unfortunate take on the officer-involved-shooting fatality should prompt officers to drop him once-and-for-all.

Sunnyside is no stranger to officer-involved shootings in recent years. There were two in 2013 alone, with one fatality.

Fortunately, our officers have been proven in the clear each time.

Now is an opportunity for guild members to take a stand and step away from Raines – and his officer-involved shooting taint – before the next city council election cycle.

And when that cycle arrives, the guild would be better off to not endorse anyone for city council.

Sunnyside officers, please make Raines the first and last candidate you put before the badge.


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sunnysidefav 3 years, 9 months ago

Mr Fannin just cannot help himself. If I remember correctly a few months ago he called our police officers BLACK SHIRTS! Talk about a racist statement to compare our police officers to the Germans who exterminated Jews and any body else who were not of the superior race. I would encourage readers to read Mr. Raines comment. This man was running around in a store pointing a gun at people. The police were called, he was confronted and told to put the gun down and the rest is history. When do we as a society hold these kind of people accountable for their actions. How would you feel Mr Fannin if your wife or kids were in that store and that man pointed a gun at them? I know I would be glad the police were called. Race is not in question here Mr Fannin! I am sure that a investigation will be conducted and if the officer was wrong he needs to be held accountable. What is in question here is that all people have to be held accountable for their actions.


Jpublic98944 3 years, 8 months ago

Very well said Mr. Fannin; I agree with your statement that most voters (police guild included) would have not voted (or endorsed) for a bigot if they knew who Raines really was. Unfortunately it took three long years for all of us to realize what kind of a racist individual we voted for to represent us in city council. Luckily elections are coming up next year and this will give us an opportunity to rectify this wrong and vote for someone who appreciates the diversity of this beautiful community that is Sunnyside!


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