Councilman’s remarks dehumanizing


I am writing in support of John Fannin’s personal column in last Friday’s edition of the Daily Sun News, “Time for cops to cut ties with Raines.”

Mr. Fannin’s opinion was right on.

Mr. Raines publicly voices his opinion without any regard to his position on the Sunnyside City Council or how his degrading remarks are going to reflect on our city leadership.

Mr. Raines should be ashamed of himself for not taking his position in this community more seriously. The people that elected him into office (and I’m not one of them) expect him to know better than to make remarks that are degrading and dehumanizing, like the racist joke he blogged before he was elected.

In my opinion, Mr. Raines does not represent the citizens of Sunnyside.

I have lived in this town long enough to know that racism does exist, but is not commonly practiced in Sunnyside. We in fact live in a great community with excellent neighbors who care about each other and support each other positively through life.

We have a wonderful community and faith-based volunteers, non-profit agencies, as well as excellent business owners, police and fire department employees who collaborate to help build our city up.

We hired an amazing city manager and chief of police, and have recently elected excellent city council and school board members. We have new leadership, with great potential for a brighter tomorrow in Sunnyside.

Our downtown construction will be done soon and with it, promising new businesses will help promote our city in positive and effective ways.

Our schools are booming with great teachers and our graduation rate is skyrocketing because of amazing efforts by caring individuals.

In my opinion, Mr. Raines’ comments are totally the opposite of what our city and schools want to promote.

My question to the police guild and the citizens of Sunnyside is this; should you continue to support a council member who makes public and degrading comments or is it time to support someone new?

/s/ Bengie Aguilar, Sunnyside

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