City council not informed


At the recent Sunnyside City Council meeting where lodging tax funding was the topic, Mayor Jim Restucci took an opportunity to question the purpose of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce. The mayor, in the discussion, suggested that the bylaws be modified to allow a city council member to be on the board of directors, even threatening to withdraw his support for funding for the chamber.

Ironically, the city of Sunnyside has held a permanent seat on the chamber since at least 1992. During my time on the board of directors for the chamber (2004-2013) I can recall only once that a representative from the city attended a board of directors meeting.

Time and time again, Chamber Executive Director Pam Turner asked the various city managers that have passed through city hall to provide a representative, which any council member could be part of. Any questions that the mayor has of the direction the chamber is taking could have been addressed and answered at a chamber board of directors meeting.

Turner performs the day to day operations of the chamber, the direction she takes is dictated by the board of directors. If Mayor Restucci finds fault with that direction, he, as part of the city of Sunnyside, is partially to blame. The failure of the city to participate and then criticize is improper. The city in this case is guilty of inactivity, inaction and ignorance.

/s/ Gerald Roy, Bothell

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