Vote ‘yes’ for school bond


Feb. 11 the voters in the Sunnyside School District will be asked to approve a $10,000,000 bond for the construction of a new Washington Elementary School building, and upgrades in safety and security infrastructure. I am writing to encourage voters to get the facts about the bond, and then vote ‘yes’.

Due to years of superior management by the school board and district administration, Sunnyside taxpayers currently enjoy the second lowest school tax rate in Yakima County at around $1.80 (per $1,000 of assessed property value). This vote will not change the tax amount. A change in overall taxable property valuation base will change the rate, a little, but the school bond will not.

With a ‘no’ vote you will pay the same tax rate and students will be less safe and continue to go to school in a facility Loofborrow Wetch, Architects has determined to be in “poor condition” based on state grading standards for school buildings.

Yakima County will mail out ballots on or around Jan. 22. This will be the only item on the ballot. Please take the time to complete your ballot and send it in.

Please join me in voting ‘yes’ to continue with the second lowest tax rate in Yakima County and to provide our students with a safer educational environment.

/s/ Jeff Barrom, Co-chair, YES Committee

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