No hoodies


This might seem trivial, however, while driving around our Yakima Valley I find so many cars being driven by people wearing ‘hoodies.’

Have you ever tried to drive or walk or jog with one of those on? The vision is diminished substantially, and peripheral vision is simply not there. When they turn their heads to see left or right, the hood doesn’t move, it stays put, so the vision is not there, left or right. They would not be able to see an oncoming vehicle.

It’s not even while behind the wheel of a car, it’s while walking down the street. These people can’t see anything but forward. They hunch their shoulders, hands in pockets usually (sometimes to hold up their baggy pants), and they have no visual contact with what’s happening around them, including walking across a crosswalk into traffic.

I’d like to know why this is allowed.

Why isn’t wearing a hoodie behind a wheel of a car illegal? To me it’s not as bad as texting on your cell phone, or allowing your dog to hang out your driver’s side window on your lap, putting on make-up, etc. but it’s close. It’s very dangerous.

What can we do to get a law on the books to make driving a vehicle with a hoodie on a valid reason to be pulled over and subject to a ticket?

/s/ Kathleen Rogers, Grand-view

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