School board asks for your vote

We would like to ask the voters of our community to join us in voting yes for the school bond. This $10 million bond would come with an additional $11.5 million in matching funds from the state that would allow us to rebuild Washington Elementary School and increase the safety and security of our district’s other schools and facilities.

This bond will not increase the school taxes we collect. In fact, the school tax collection rate will remain the same whether the bond passes or fails.

By resolution, we do not collect the bond debt from the taxpayers; we pay that with excess general funds.

This system we have used for the past 15 years has allowed our community to enjoy the second lowest tax rate in Yakima County, while providing safe and modern schools for our students.

We are fortunate to live, work and raise our families in a community that has proven to be so supportive of education. Because of the support and resources provided by our community, we have seen phenomenal success in raising the graduation rate from 41 to 85 percent over the past seven years. Imagine how much more difficult a task that would have been if our students and teachers did not have the quality facilities and programs provided by the bonds and levies you have supported over the years.

Thank you, and please help us continue to provide our children with the best education possible by voting yes.

/s/ Sunnyside School District Board of Directors - Rocky Simmons, Dylan Gardner, Michelle Perry, Sandra Linde, Stephen R. Winfree

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