YES vote won’t cost us any more


I am supporting the Sunnyside School District’s $10 million bond levy. This levy will be used to replace Washington Elementary School with a new, modern building.

We need to replace Washington School because it has been partly remodeled after the fire in the 1960s and completely remodeled in 1984. The projected life of the 1984 remodeled Washington School was 20 years.

The school has more than served its purpose for our students and staff. The new Washington School would be across from the current school and it would not require the purchase of additional property.

During construction, the students could continue to use the old Washington School, so there would be no disruption to their school lives.

This bond will also improve the safety and technology needs in other buildings.

The best thing about the bond is that it will not cost the taxpayers any more than we are currently paying, which is the second lowest tax rate in the Yakima Valley.

Please join me and vote “Yes” for youth education and schools on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014.

/s/ Mac Chambers, retired Superintendent of Sunnyside Schools

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