It’s time for a new school


For over six decades thousands of local kids, including myself, have walked the halls of Washington Elementary School. We all have special grade school memories of our days in that school.

My memories include singing Christmas carols with Mrs. Newcomer at the piano in the hall during the holiday, my first job serving lunch to other kids and in return I got lunch free, and then there was the swat for throwing dirt clods at recess. Ouch!

Every past student of Washington Elementary School can write their own reflections of beginning their education in that grand building with wonderful teachers and staff.

But now, we have worn Washington Elementary School out. It is time for a new school.

Sunnyside has always supported education for all our kids, and the 2014 school bond should not be an exception. I urge you to vote YES for Proposition 1.

/s/ Dr. Gary Martin, Sunnyside

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