Let’s vote YES on school bond


Please join me in voting YES for the $10 million school bond on Feb. 11. By voting yes your taxes will remain the same $1.80 per assessed property value, and continue to be the second lowest tax rate in Yakima County.

Upon approval of the bond the state will provide an additional $11.5 million in matching funds. The money will be used to build a new Washington Elementary School, improve security systems and improve the safety of school facilities throughout the Sunnyside School District.

If you vote no, the school district will lose $11.5 million in matching funds from the state, and our tax rate will still be at $1.80.

Not only will the bond benefit our students and staff, it will keep our facilities among the best in the state of Washington.

Let’s vote YES for the school bond and do what is best for the students of Sunnyside!

/s/ Rob Chambers, Sunnyside

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