A grand day


If you missed the Fourth of July parade in Sunnyside, you missed a great time.

The grand marshals - Ralph and Alice Prescott - smiled and waved, catching the attention of all of us along the route. The Prescott family even invited me to their picnic after the parade.

The parade featured the beautiful Egyptian-themed float with our smiling Miss Sunnyside Court in their colorful raiment.

Our veterans so proudly marching through town. Old Glory waving in the breeze to the drum beat.

Our farmers and their pride in their antique tractors…the backbone of our valley.

An Indian princess decked in tribal dress.

The Spanish Pentecostal Church and their gifts of t-shirts and children’s books to all along the parade route.

It was a good old-fashioned day in Sunnyside.

/s/ Mary Lou Schut Ribail, Sunnyside

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