Taxation without representation

I see our legislators are wanting to add another tax to all Washington state vehicle registrations to pay for another ferry. All residents would be required to pay this tax so that Seattle can have another ferry to use.

Personally, I find this to be taxation without representation. We all have to pay a special tax for something that is only for a particular area to use. You can call it what you want…a fee, surcharge or whatever. But to regular citizens, if the government is taking money from private citizens in any manner, it’s a tax.

I’ve read the political hogwash excuse that it’s no different than any other transportation tax because it’s all part of the same transportation system in Washington. But it’s not. It’s a proposed special charge passed to all vehicle owners in the state, yet its use isn’t for all residents. I think this is, and I will say, a total crock of !

We, in the Yakima Valley, have to pay for something that only a small portion of Washington’s residents in a small area will get to use. Is the Seattle area so special that everyone else in this state has to pay for their special needs in such a specific way? I think something like this should be put forth as a bond, or something like that, for the Seattle area voters to approve or disapprove.

Again, if this passes, our tax dollars will be going for special and specific projects that will only benefit those on the other side of the mountains. Why not treat this like a toll bridge. The people who will actually use it will have to pay for it with a higher fee to ride that ferry until it’s paid off. Then they can go back to regular ferry rates.

/s/ Steve Hagensicker, Sunnyside

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