Weary of McCleary

The Beatles - aka Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - advised us when we die to “…declare the pennies on your eyes.”

Thanks to the Washington State Supreme Legislature…err Court…we’re getting to that point with the court’s opinion this week that taxes – among them estate taxes – can be raised retroactively.

Of course, this same bench ruled just a few weeks ago that the legislature better find a way to hike revenues to pay for its own McCleary decision from a couple of years ago.

That decision says we’re not spending enough money to educate children…so we need to throw a few billion bucks more on the fire.

The question isn’t whether we will see our taxes raised during the next legislative session…it’s a matter of how much they’ll be jacked.

Especially considering law-

makers also have to find money to pay for a voter-approved measure requiring reduced class-sizes in Washington state schools.

And that doesn’t include a blue-ribbon committee pushing a tax on bottled water to pay for state parks.

At what point will the state’s attorney general – someone, anyone – appeal our state high court’s rulings that now so clearly are branching out into legislating?

Think about it…the court not only tells the legislature it needs to raise education spending…but now creates loopholes for lawmakers to carry out the court’s bidding.

What’s next, the governor serving as judge and jury? The state legislature cramming into the governor’s mansion for a sleep-over?

The lines are blurring so much it almost makes me wonder if I need to buy glasses.

Maybe I should hurry before they find a way to tax spectacles…while I am it I better buy a crate load of bottled water before the state taxes that, too.


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Jeff_Rhodes 4 years, 2 months ago

Totally agree with your opinion, but there's a small error in fact.

The lyric you quote, from George Harrison’s “Taxman,” an be found on the “Revolver” album, not “Sergeant Pepper.”

Carry on.


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