Seeks support in sheriff’s race


Organizations must be consistently infused with new ideas in order to stay vibrant and successful.

Without a renewed vision and perspective, the organization will stagnate. Status quo becomes the norm and the quality of service suffers.

Our Sheriff’s office has not seen genuinely new leadership in many years. There is a desperate need for a fresh vision of excellence, the kind that can only come from outside the organizational culture.

This is why I am a candidate for sheriff, to bring a new vision of excellence. I refuse to be the guardian at the gates of status quo.

I know what excellence in public service looks like, having served as a leader in two agencies with reputations for providing outstanding service.

It’s time to go outside the Sheriff’s office for its next leader. I am willing and qualified to serve Yakima County as its next Sheriff.

/s/ Jim Keightley, Yakima

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