Sunnyside City Council needs to make a decision


The Sunnyside City Council members were elected by local citizens to make decisions on what is best for our community. Our elected officials are respectful, highly intelligent people who give of themselves to serve us. I highly respect them for that.

My concern, after reading the newspaper, is that our council wants to spend “as much as $10,000” to ask the voters to help them make a decision on the issue of whether or not to allow retail sales and processing of marijuana.

You, council members, were elected to make those decisions. Why on earth would you spend $10,000 for a decision on marijuana?

We could use that money where it is truly needed! Do you know how many baseball, soccer, basketball and football programs you could run with $10,000? What about the floor at the senior citizens center? What about the trees that need trimmed at Sunnyview Park? What about a decent water hose at the ballfields?

I think this is ridiculous. Step up, make a decision and put that money to better use!

/s/ Bob Sarmiento Sr., Sunnyside

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