Shabby ... not chic

What is attractive and what is expedient? What appeals to me may not appeal to most others.

But one thing I know for certain is that a piece of construction paper written in magic marker and slapped on a rickety marquee is not an attractive way to advertise your business.

In fact, it is flat out ugly and smacks of laziness. But that might just be my opinion.

Why anyone would think that staining century-old brick with spray paint in an effort to advertise a business is anything more than graffiti, well, they’d have to be off their rocker.

It’s neither artistic expression nor an attractive way to advertise a business. In fact, it’s cheap and tacky.

If you haven’t noticed lately, we are seeing more, not less unattractive signage popping up all over Sunnyside. It’s on display up and down Yakima Valley Highway and it is particularly noticeable in our beautifully redesigned downtown core. There seems to be more temporary and uglier signage passing as permanent business signs in our fair town.

When Buddy and I take our walks and drives through town, our eyeballs are assaulted left and right by unsightly, sagging marquees, underdressed mannequins and an assortment of truly grotesque attempts at what purports to be advertising. Based on the lackluster attempts to market their wares, I am not drawn in to check out many of these establishments.

Which brings me to my major concern. How will we ever be able to attract a new business to open their doors if we don’t, at least try, to clean up our alleys, parking lots and side streets?

Our main street looks beautiful as long as you concentrate on the sidewalks, street lamps and the intersections. The buildings and signage is another matter.

There are several old brick buildings downtown that may be a strong breeze away from being blown down, but that is a whole different issue.

I know the Sunnyside Downtown Improvement Group is working on signage issues, and I know the Sunnyside Planning Commission is eager to put some teeth into the city’s existing signage codes.

I urge Sunnyside residents to get behind these two groups and offer constructive ideas on how the city might rid itself of its current haphazard and shabby look.

I hope those entrepreneurs with the need for new signage will welcome a little direction in creating attractive and welcoming invitations to step inside their establishments.


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