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Raced-based politics affecting education at WSU


A few Washington State University students are calling for campus officials to require incoming freshmen and faculty to undergo cultural competency “training.” Those few also want the university to define “hate speech” outside of the context of free speech. They want restrooms open to both genders. And the university to give away free menstruation products and hire more minorities.

Those few students say those steps are necessary given bomb threats over the last couple weeks. But when you press them further, they begin referencing WSU College Republicans and the Unite the Right rally in Virginia earlier this month as factors in their distracting demands.

Those calls are not about protecting students. They are about indoctrination. They are about changing the campus and the culture of Eastern Washington.

Should parents sending their students off to WSU be concerned? Given the statements made by the small group of protesters, the answer is yes — both for their students’ educational opportunities and for their safety.

The protesters chanted “white silence is white violence” during a staged sit-in last week. So apparently, it’s OK for minority students to target white students on campus.

Furthermore, if the protestors don’t get what they want, they hinted at future violence, chanting, “No justice, no peace.”

WSU is a top-notch agricultural university, with many other outstanding educational programs. But tolerating the race-based, hateful antics pushed by a few protesters only serves to tarnish the university and its programs while greenlighting discrimination against straight, white students from our rural part of the Pacific Northwest.

But it’s not just a handful of students who are trying to manipulate the atmosphere on campus.

At least one professor is teaching that white students are privileged. Michael Johnson Jr. last year offered a “Critical Studies of Whiteness” class, based on the premise “institutionalized racism, sexism, classism and homophobia exist across all identity categories, including and amongst hegemonically white people…”

And this summer, the university paid some students $11 per hour to “promote equity and advance social justice” on campus. The “social justice peers” are apparently being paid again this fall to target white students.

So far, the university hasn’t said which — if any or all — of the protesters are paid “social justice peers.”

WSU needs to refocus on its agricultural and other educational opportunities, and tell students and faculty to leave their personal race- and gender-based biases at home.

And while university regents are at it, they should halt the practice of paying students to spread an-anti-white message under the false flag of cultural sensitivity.


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