Breaking News: Man shot to death in cab of pickup

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Caregivers needed

The Alzheimer’s Association is recruiting local volunteers to facilitate a local family caregiver support group. The support groups are needed to learn share and gain emotional support for families providing care to persons with memory loss.

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Feaste returns

The 2018 Madrigal Feaste will be led by King Robert Swires and Queen Linda Kaminski of Yakima Valley College, March 9-10 in the Hopo Union Castle (Hopo Union Building, Building 9) on 16th Street and Nob Hill Boulevard campus.

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Failing when it comes to passwords

I have several online accounts that I use a few times year and not once have I gained access without first trying several passwords and then clicking “Forgot Password” to begin the damnable process of getting a new one.

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Flags lowered in honor of victims

James Davidson, adjutant of Fred E. Hayes American Lion Post No. 57, followed through with President Donald Trump’s call for a lowering of U.S. flags in remembrance of the victims of the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

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