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Cribbage tourney

Betty Brumley of Sunnyside contemplates her hand at the 14th annual Summer Cribbage Classic held in Sunnyside this past weekend.

Is the Bible important to you?

If Jesus were to come to your house today and asked to see your Bible, what would He find?

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Miss Sunnyside candidate Jaquelinne Herrera

Miss Sunnyside candidate Jaquelinne Herrera is one of nine young ladies vying for the 2015-16 title this year.

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Bingo, ice cream floats & fun

Jack Moran, a resident at Sunnyside’s Sun Terrace Retirement and Assisted Living Community, seated in the top photo, chooses a prize after winning a game of Bingo at yesterday’s social event for seniors at the Grandview Community Center.

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Barber makes the cut at Seahawk QB’s camp

For 12’s everywhere 2015 is the summer of Russell.

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Making the rounds

“Big Mama and the Kid” were spotted this week at the US Bank branch in Sunnyside.

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Closed door opens banking opportunity for Sunnyside woman

Five years ago Dani Martinez was a supervisor at Arby’s when it closed in Sunnyside.

How to protect your eyes from macular degeneration

Dear Savvy Senior, Is macular degeneration hereditary? My mother lost her vision from it before she died a few years ago, and now at age 65, I’m worried I may get it. What can you tell me? Nearsighted Susan

Lose the drama, take the coaching

Have you ever watched one of those TV shows where people get advice from an expert? It’s odd dynamic, people go on the shows for help, but when the experts weigh in they become defensive and resist.

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Beat the Heat With an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social

Janet's Notebook

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” How many times did you sing that when you were younger? I know I did. As a kid, one of my favorite treats was an ice cream sundae. As an adult, it still is!

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Not your everyday Sunnyside clown

Traveling aboard his personalized scooter, Prosser Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1466 President Tim Lyczewski of Sunnyside greets visitors to the annual Prosser Fly-in at the Prosser Airport last Saturday.

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Bicycle safety focus of rodeo

Sunnyside’s Holy Trinity Church held a bicycle rodeo this past weekend, free to all children who brought a bike to participate.

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Oasis in the desert

The event featured a number of game booths for children. The local church hosted the free carnival with help from New Horizons Community Church of Spokane.

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Alpacas center stage at fiber fest

A dramatic moment for the seniors visiting Sage Bluff Alpacas in Prosser this past Saturday came when a herd of young animals raced into the paddock in front of them.