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Keep picnic food safe to eat in warm weather

Food safety experts from the Department of Health want people to know how to protect themselves and their loved ones from foodborne illnesses, especially when preparing foods for picnics and barbecues during warm weather.

Valley Fever fungus found in Washington

State officials urge health care providers to watch for rare illness

The fungus that causes “Valley Fever” (coccidioidomycosis) has been detected in soil samples in Washington, much further north than its expected range, for the first time.

Drowning risks increase with spring’s warmer weather and faster water

As people start to flock to local beaches, lakes and rivers with the warmer weather, the state Department of Health urges parents to talk to their kids about water safety.

Prestige Sunnyside announces new director of nursing services

Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Sunnyside did not have to look far for its new director of nursing services.

Risks of Hantavirus rise this time of year

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome can occur during any month, but spring and summer present more opportunities for exposure.

Memorial Physicians open yet another ‘Healthy Now’ clinic

YAKIMA – Memorial Physicians has opened a second Healthy Now clinic.

Sudden spike in pesticide-related illnesses concerns Washington state health officials

The Washington State Department of Health said they have received reports of 15 potential pesticide drift events resulting in about 60 people getting ill in the past two months - that’s as many the agency normally sees in a year.

Time to schedule West Nile vaccination for your horse

Warmer weather following a rainy spell could trigger an active mosquito season, which is why the Washington State Department of Agriculture is advising horse owners to make sure their horses are vaccinated to protect against West Nile virus.

On-line program can help diabetics

A program called “Sugar, Heart and Life: A Guide to Living with Diabetes” is available for people dealing with the disease.

Blood pressure: Take control of the silent killer

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is sometimes called the silent killer because there are often no symptoms.

Don’t be sidelined by heartburn

Sports fans often snack and drink, often excessively.

Expert offers tips for high heel health

What do high heels and dessert have in common?

Age plays big role in determining urgency of scheduling doctor visits

When you’re not feeling well, at what point is it time to go see a doctor?

WSU researcher finds health benefits of peach extract

PULLMAN – A WSU food scientist and colleagues at Texas A&M University have found that compounds in peaches can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and their ability to spread.