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Mother nature, oil leak possible hurdles for start of irrigation season

“All dates are subject to change due to weather and unanticipated circumstances,” reads a disclaimer for SVID’s priming schedule this month.

Senate ‘package’ deals with a different transportation issue... human trafficking

Three Washington State Senate bills aim to increase awareness of human trafficking and help agencies coordinate efforts to confront the problem.

New Sun Steel GM at home in Sunnyside

On the job for about a month as Sun Steel’s new general manager, Blake Hoskisson has a definite vision for the Sunnyside firm’s future.

An alert for people who use CDs for their IRAs

A recent tax court ruling now limits the frequency of IRA rollovers

Pay attention to the new, tighter restrictions on 60-day IRA rollovers.

How should you respond to higher interest rates?

If the Federal Reserve (Fed) raises short-term interest rates this year, as many financial professionals predict, what will it mean to you?